we only pray online


I like movies and I hate going to church.


i use to be  afraid of death.  dying  seems pretty bad but living forever after death may be worse.


13 responses to “we only pray online

  1. even if you aren’t mormon anymore, I think you’re funny and I want to link you on my blog

  2. If you don’t like going to church, try doing church at home! Get a book of common prayer and read through the Eucharist.

  3. Should have posted this earlier but: living forever after death is awesome, provided you go to the right place. 🙂

    • kenneth,

      that’s why i said living forever after death may be worse. it all depends on what life is like after death (or, like you said, where you live after death).

      ps, i like your blog

  4. Seem to me that re-incarnation fits the bill for all those questions – it would be nice., You forget everything, go back to earth for X years, and when it’s over you do it all again.

  5. brian

    re-incarnation is ok. i like it if there is absolutely no (memorable) connection to past and future lives and if those past and future lives include everything including minerals and corporations. i mean, i have a kind of hunch that consciousness, if it is an emergent property, probably occurs in all sorts of organisms and super-organisms but in ways that our (human) consciousness can’t recognize.

  6. nene

    Please pray for me for I have problems in my family. My parents seems to ignore my feelings. I’m old enough to decide for myself yet they still decide for me. They conspire against me and don’t even want to talk to me. I know I was not wrong to voice out my opinion, but they think I’m talking back. How am I going to get out what my opinion is when they tend for me to listen to their scolding and for me to shut up and not talk at all. I can’t take in I need to voice out too.

  7. Todd Puglisi

    Hey,i’m not sure about reincarnation.Doing it all again ON THE SAME PLANET???!!! ON THE SAME PLANE(747?) of existence???!!!
    !@#$% THAT!!! I don’t believe in “praying”, but if I did I would heartily beg that it all stop here. No Heaven,no Nirvana(sorry Kurt),no coming back to Earth as a centipede. It all had better stop here-I could use the vacation……
    P.S. To all teenagers that have familial difficulties-I know this is little comfort,but give it time. You’ll be out on your own sooner than you know ,
    and then there will be a world full of people to argue with who don’t give a whit as to how you feel-and you get to PAY $$$ for it!!!

  8. if there is reincarnation, it doesn’t seem like it would need to be tied to a specific planet. who knows, you could end up on the other side of the universe in your next life.

  9. udayaseelan

    lord jesus please help me u know about me my name is udayaseeelan me love a girl named latha we both loved a lot because of some mistake done by me she left me but again she loved me a lot she cried for me a lot but now in her home they arranged marriage for so she said me to forget her dont distrub me she said jesus please help me jesus me crying a lot jesus its give so much of pain help me to marry her by getting permission from her parents and my parents jesus please please jesus she also loved me a lot jesus help me jesus i need her only jesus help me jesus please jesus please amen………

  10. I found this sitebecause I was going to use this name for my Christian blog, but it was taken. I can’t believe you’re all this hateful and angry at Jesus. And yet He loves you all so much and created you. How can you be this blind? The devil is lying to you all and distracting you with movies and you don’t even realize it. Please repent before it’s too late.

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