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notes on the young and the restless: august 2, 2010 (a.c.e.)

“it’s exhausting . . . but that’s what you get for living in a fairy tale.”

the music at the beginning of this episode is amazing.  dark partial objects, thunder.

sharon (whispered): i shot him.  i shot him.  oh god, what have i done.

to be fair: sharon was in a cabin alone and someone starts jiggling the door handle.  she pulls out a gun.  “tell me who it is or i’ll shoot.”  no answer.  the door opens.  she shuts her eyes and pulls the trigger shooting adam in the arm.  her eyes were closed; she can’t be held responsible.

“you’re the victim in this case: the babe . . . left on a door step.”

and i thought he was hitting on her.

(side note: ever seen that maybe carry grant movie about this single women gets a baby (or babe) on her doorstep?  she tries to take it to the orphanage, but everyone is convinced she’s abandoning it.)

(another side note: even clorox is into electronic music.)

some back-story: so adam framed patty for murdering hightower.  she’s waiting for trial in the mental hospital.  but last week, adam broke into the mental hospital, pretending to be the devil, and convinced patty to become a nun and head to canada because she was about to recant on her testimony that she killed hightower and most likely implicate adam in the murder.  now emily, her doppelganger and therapist (who, earlier, patty managed to switch places with so that emily was locked up in the mental hospital trying to convince everyone that she wasn’t crazy), is trying to locate patty.

but is emily a workaholic?  her husband thinks so, but his maybe ex-girlfriend or wife just showed up at their house.  sharon is waiting at the hospital and adam’s wife, sky lockhart, shows up pissed.  understandably, since sharon shot sky’s husband.  but worse, the entire confrontation is playing out on the local tv news (there’s a camera and reporter and everything).

vincent kicks the camera crew out.  but luckily, there’s another event for the tv to cover: jill is going to give a press conference at a cemetery announcing that she’s a fenmore.  she only recently learned that this dead fenmore was her real father.  lauren fenmore shows up: “i’m here to make sure they (the television crew and, i guess, the audience) hear the truth.  they’re having a hard time coming to terms that they’re sisters.  jill, “you won’t even show me photographs of our father”; lauren, “cold, hard cash is all the fenmore name means to you” (jill is suing the fenmore family for more than her portion of the estate).  jill, “ i just want to feel closer to daddy”; lauren, “you want to be closer to daddy”,   shoving jill into an open grave, “is that close enough for you?”  and it all happened live on tv.

sky, with a scowl: “you [sharon] cared so much that you put a bullet in him [adam].”

adam is coming too . . . everything is in tunnel vision . . . “you are waking up” . . . adam starts to look around (still with tunnel vision) . . . “in the room is your dad, your wife, your ex-wife and her husband” . . . “who shot you?” . . . “sharon” . . . now they’re gonna arrest her . . . but adam flashes-back to his true feelings . . . “wait, i take full responsibility.  she didn’t know it was me.  it’s all my fault.”

sky lockhart isn’t gonna like this.



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