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Monday Morning Links

I doubt we’re going to talk much about the Oscars here. So here are some great links for you to follow for your Oscar fix.

The most comprehensive Oscar blog there is: The Film Experience

Four Four has a play by play.

The first, second, and third hour of the award show. Now you’ll be able to talk about the show around the cooler even though you didn’t watch a minute of it, and no one will be the wiser.

My favorite dress of the night.

And, getting back to actual filmmaking. Here’s an article on how disgusting popcorn is. I read it, then proceeded to make myself a batch. No kidding. It was delicious.



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Monday Morning Links

Maybe this counts as nepotism, but Scott’s post about celebrity no fly lists is the funniest one I’ve read this week. He Shot Cyrus has been raging. You should go and leave comments on every post.

Every year Get a Film examines the Oscar Luncheon group photo. It’s amazing that he can find so many good jokes in one picture.

This cracks me up:

Use Soap Film’s review of Wolfman is full of great puns.

And my favorite blog of the week: Film Forager. This past week she’s been writing about a 24-hour Sci-Fi fest she attended (I’m jealous). She’s a great writer. She’s a female film blogger. And she has good taste. What more could you want?


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Monday Morning Links

Acidemic takes a deeper look at the criticism written about the film Bronson. I saw this one last year at Sundance and feel equally ambivalent about it.

Over at AMC Horror Hacker Maitland McDonagh gives her list of some appropriate movies to screen on Valentine’s Day.

Holy God. Can it be true? : Stem Cell Bacon!!!!!

My New Plaid Pants has some great ideas about love, relationships, and Valentine’s Day, too.

And my favorite blog of the week: Sarahnomics. Just check out those awesome Star Wars pictures. The first one makes me less depressed about looking like Mark Hamill.


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Monday Morning Links

Every time I open Dear Jesus now I get assaulted by a picture of dude spreading another dude’s butt cheeks! What’s that all about?? Just another reason close-ups aren’t always better. What started as a beautiful display of sub-dom leather love is turned into something pasty and gross.

As a way of putting a little distance between that picture and me, and as a way of starting a new tradition, here is a short list of links from fellow film blogs.

Film Experience Bullock Jokes – Lately I have been getting a real kick out of how horrible Sandra Bullock is. Nathaniel’s readers aren’t pulling their punches with these captions!

He Shot Cyrus Poster Series – Scott’s job as a writer for a graphic design company is teaching him all kinds of new reasons poster art usually sucks. In this post he picks apart Scorsese.

Top Gun’s so Gay! Hurray! – Caitlin points out just a few of the reasons Top Gun holds up…even if it is soooo boring.

Apocalyptic Mating – Piper points out which celebrities he’ll be willing to mate with in the up coming apocalypse. Plus, you can read all about my uterus in the comments section.

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby – No specific post in mind here. I’ve just been loving this blog recently. The title isn’t the only good joke.

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