the name jesus

jesus seemed like the right name for god given our cultural (or historical or social or whatever) situation. but we’re doubting the whole jesus thing. we’re also doubting all conceptions of god we’ve heard about and even doubting the idea of god. we also know we’re probably wrong about everything. but we’re still trying to figure this stuff out.

lately we’ve decided that movies are cool. if not a way to completely figure things out, as a sign that something greater is going on here, god or no god.


12 responses to “the name jesus

  1. karene

    good for you. even though i AM a christian, everyone deserves their right to their beliefs. take your time figuring everything out. and i wish the best of luck for you 🙂

    • Karene, how can you applaud this or wish good luck and call yourself a Christian. A true Christian would not wish the best when it comes to blasphemy. Pray for such a person.

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  3. jennifer

    Finally, a website I can relate to. There is no father figure in the sky, shaking his finger at you when you are naughty, nodding his head when you are nice (same parallel as santa claus, don’t ya think?). It’s all a fairy tale, an attempt to pacify little children when things like daddy leaving home for a newer, younger wife happen.
    Love your work!

    • Jennifer, the reason bad things happen is because there’s a devil out there. God shakes His finger at sin because it separates you from Him. He loves and wants to have a relationship with you. Please come to your senses and repent.

  4. s

    Your using movies to find God?
    You are looking in the wrong place – and the right place. God is in the movies…and everywhere else.

  5. Todd Puglisi

    Tee Hee- I hit your site not only because I am mad about all kinds of films,
    but ,to quote from Bill Maher,”All religions are kooky!”
    I think this site practically defines subversive, and that is where I want to be.
    I was never into the punk scene(could never sustain the anger or violence),
    but undermining the established authority by using their very own words against them? I am right there-or here-or somewhere………………

  6. and maher’s religion, tv (or is it money?) is the kookiest religion of them all . . .

  7. This is blasphemy. I don’t know who hurt you or how you arrive to such beliefs, but don’t blame it on God. Everyone’s been hurt. That gives you no right to blaspheme the name of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Please don’t do this to Jesus.

    • Ray Mroz

      Walk, no forget that, RUN to the nearest university you can find. Ask somebody where the registrar’s office is, make a beeline straight in and enroll. Take… well anything. If you do settle on humanities or some, do make a point of grabbing a few science electives, geology and perhaps some biology for sure so that you can learn about how the earth is A LOT older that 6000 years and that it is not flat, nor is it “fixed immovable” at the center of the universe like your bible states. Get involved in student life, join some clubs, try and learn that a world is possible where equality exists between the sexes and that a wife need not “submit to her husband as she does to the lord” and that the “husband is” NOT “the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church”. Head over to the physics department, attend a star party and have a good long look at light which has taken millions of years to reach us. Appreciate our seeming insignificance and our ability to appreciate that very same thing, an interesting dichotomy of sorts.

      Now pat yourself on the back. Your world has just broadened considerably.
      You have taken an important first step toward a life governed by reason and rational thought as opposed to the voodoo, intolerance, and superstition of religious practice. Well done, but it is only a first step to joining the rest of us in the 21st century.

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