Black Swan Obsession

It seems like the only thing I care about anymore is Black Swan. Ever since I saw it on Sunday morning I haven’t been able to get the film out of my head.

We’ll be talking about the movie in the next Frankly My Dear Podcast, so you should definitely listen to that if you have any interest in my review. We’ll talk about the perfect levels of campiness the film embodies. The swerving, swooping often handheld cinematography that perfectly complements the fantastic notions at play. I’m sure we’ll talk about the hot Natalie Portman, the hot Mila Kunis, and the uber-hot lesbian sex scene. Along with the performances, we might discuss the quality of production that must go into a ballet film featuring non-ballet dancers.

Most importantly, I’d like to go over female hysteria and why it always seems to accompany ballet/dance films. Everyone is reminded of The Red Shoes when they watch Black Swan – an enormous complement, I think – and it does seem like the sentiments in both are identical. I’m not sure how to put it all together yet, though. I’ll have to watch The Red Shoes again (Alright!).

But even though we’ll discuss all that at length on the podcast and I don’t want to spoil it here, I did want to get it out there that Black Swan is amazing. Amazing. And let’s open that up for discussion…



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9 responses to “Black Swan Obsession

  1. black swan is amazing. it’s now my second favorite ballet movie (after the red shoes, of course)

  2. so over the top! i hadn’t thought of de palma, but it’s a perfect reference.
    what amazed me is the slow and steady build up that begins to accelerate during the last 45 minutes until you almost explode at the end.

  3. and i loved all the cell phone jokes (of course).

  4. Haunting barely describes this film…in my review I used the word “fevered”. Days after my experience with “Black Swan” I was still thinking about it…and I can’t wait to see it again.

    It will be interesting to hear your reaction to the surreal and horrific elements of the film.. I responded to it all viscerally, like a completely symbolic story of loss of innocence and the trauma of achieving physical adulthood. I was really moved.

    Hope to hear more about “Black Swan” from your blog!

  5. Dan

    I’ve been hearing far too many good things about this movie recently. I might have to come out of my hermitage and go see it at the actual cinema

  6. Sebastian

    Still didn´t managed to watch Black Swan but boy do the critics go crazy about it. I feel a little reminded of the situation with Antichrist where it became hard at one point to watch it with a neutral approach because everybody had an opinion and there where reviews everywhere. Thanks though and feel free to pay me a visit at the blog I´m writing for:

  7. A cinematic masterpiece from Darren Aronofsky, that I absolutely love. The story of the transformation of Natalie Portman’s white swan into a black swan is amazing film making that doesn’t come along very often

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