“this film is dedicated to the gallant people of afghanistan”

this is one of two quotes found at the end of rambo 3.  (the other is “i am like a bullet, filled with lead and made to kill”, which i think refers to rambo’s internalization of both his militaristic and zen-buddhist training, like how it’s not the solider that kills but rather the enemy appears and finds himself on the end of the sword without any conscious recognition or action by the solider, but rather something that happens automatically.)

i’m sure you’ve heard about all the new wikileaks on the afghanistan war.  browsing the so-called paper-of-record, i came across something that referred specifically back to the third rambo movie:

the taliban have used portable heat-seeking missiles against allied aircraft, a fact that has not been publicly disclosed by the military. this type of weapon helped the afghan mujahedeen defeat the soviet occupation in the 1980s.

rambo was recruited by col trautman specifically to ensure the successful delivery of these kinds of anti-aircraft weapons (stinger missiles) to the mujahedeen.  there were somewhere between 500 and 2000 of these missiles provided by the cia to the mujahedeen during the soviet invasion, but the cia only recovered about 300 or so after the war.  while there is some doubt that stinger missiles this old could still be functional, there is some evidence that some were reversed engineered to create even more effective stinger missiles.



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  1. Damn, you’re chilling today!

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