What Up With That

So you may have noticed…I burned out a little. We were doing our month of foreign, watching Irma Vep and some Bunuel and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t end up writing about because I went a little crazy. It was probably just my period. A two week PMS fiasco. Anyway, I didn’t feel like blogging, or watching movies, or doing anything except watching episodic television and the game show “Minute to Win It.”

But, Scott made me get it together long enough to record this:


Just a picture of Scott so far. But we commissioned the artist to do me!

Go listen. I know you’ve been missing my take on movies.

I missed one of our triple features, too. We watched movies that had been banned in a country. Django, Team America: World Police, and Bad Taste. And it was great. We have another one coming up tomorrow that I’ll definitely be posting about.

For now, enjoy the podcast.



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2 responses to “What Up With That

  1. Man, menstruation can totally be a bitch, amirite?

    Glad you didn’t die or anything, and I really enjoy the podcast!

  2. b

    Please make the podcast in mp3 form.

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