notes on the young and the restless june 9 2010 (ace)

“i want to take a long vacation somewhere where they don’t have cell phones or the internet,” she says holding her new baby.

“does a place like that even exist?”

that’s a good question.  is there a splace — a position in space — inside of the young and the restless that is outside of the reach of cell phones and the internet?  is there a splace away from all those cameras?  a splace that allows the characters in the young and the restless to act in secret without revealing their actions to the viewing audience?  one of the things that makes soaps interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be any splaces like this.  there’s not any action, any scheming and side-plotting that doesn’t escape the gaze of the camera and the eyes of the viewer.  as long as you put in the time of watching every episode, there’s not an important aspect of any of the characters life you can’t view.  it’s like being god — except a suffering god, one who can only watch, cannot help, and can only suffer along with those suffering.

remember last post and the side-plot about using fetal stem-cells to save the life of a mother-to-be that would pose a risk for the babies-to-be?  well, it turns out that this other girl is surrogating the twins  and they seem to be headed towards a court battle pitting husband vs wife on the use of those fetal stem cells.  right now, the wife is in france in a clinical trial using adult stem cells to cure her cancer or whatever the disease she has (they’re never clear about what precisely the disease is), but the husband doesn’t trust adult stem cells and is now suing (who?  his wife?  the surrogate?) to bring her back to america and use the fetal stem cells from their future children, the twins being carried by the surrogate.  everyone one is pissed he’s going against his wife’s wishes, but it turns out the french clinical study using adult stem cells is no longer working which is why the husband is pushing forward with the law suit to save his wife’s life.  so everyone is re-evaulating their position and everybody must take sides.

“say goodbye to who you tried to be and hello to who you are.”

(are most of the commercials on daytime tv commercials for different perscription drugs?)



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  2. Today I think Phillip and Tucker are best friends.

  3. I love this young and the restless stuff. Just the plot alone explains everything.

  4. MaryLou Howell

    I have been a faithful watcher of The Young and the Restless for I’d say over 40 years but the “crappy” “idiotic” storylines that are being thown at viewers make me wonder about the writers!!!! Not even interesting and so predictable – I could do better in my sleep!! Please give us a break with long ago babies (long forgotten and unheard of to those who have watched forever) suddenly arriving in town as new police – no training – right on to the job! Writers wake up!! you are losing your audience – I’ll read my books instead

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