notes on the young and the restless, may 19 2010 (a.c.e.)

(since today’s movies are unwatchable, i’m watching soap operas instead)

but first, previously on the young and the restless:

the camera is hidden in a bag.  so the reality is hidden.

(by this i mean that the machinery used to capture reality —
reality that is not consciously altered by the presence of
a camera — is hidden hiding the reality of this reality tv)
so this blond girl (who is now being played by a different
actor) is staging public spectacles — nude animal testing
protests on television — as a way of gather footage for her
future reality show.  now she’s secretly video-taping her
parents as they deny her access to her inheritance.  all of
this goes viral.  her friends at the bar: “we watched it like
5 times and passed it along to all our friends.”  her reason
for this kind of guerilla reality show: “i dont want any suits
making the decisions; i’m making the decisions.”

side plot: “getting those stem cells may hurt the baby”
“if he gets the stem cells, he’ll get stronger.”
“what are the chances i’d get ovarian cancer at my age?”

in other words, she has cancer and her husband wants to
take stem cells from their soon to be baby to stop the
cancer, i guess.

back to hidden reality:
“i can capitalize on the public’s appetite for glamour”
“what’s the show about?”
“me.  or a character of me.  it’s aspirational entertainment.
(because she’s rich).  it’s all about controlling the message
— i have a social consciousness, including animal rights.  i’m
generating interest in me.”

her (rich(er)) parents aren’t buying it.  little do they know
that they are already being filmed.

what makes all of this so interesting is that the filming is
double — the fake filming of the hidden reality show and the
real filming of the tv show one life to live.

“there’s a reason famous people don’t want their children
photographed.”  but that reason is left unexplained.
“listen to how you’re talking about yourself . . . like you’re
a commodity.”  which is true, but if anyone is to blame, it’s
her parents who are so singularly focused on the creation and
circulation of capital (her dad’s business is a little unclear
— purposefully, since he doesn’t want cameras around to see
what precisely the business consists of).


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