This Whole Town’s Going Ca-Razy!

As much as I love terrible b-horror films…The Crazies was not very good. Surprise.

I’m great at suspending my disbelief. I love early Cronenberg, so I’ve learned from the best. But I hate when films don’t play by their own rules. A semi-zombie film like The Crazies has to set up just what these “Crazies” are capable of, how fast they run, how they’re killed, etc. The best zombie movies stick to that formula no matter how cool a scene where zombies act uncharacteristically might be. Consider Night of the Living Dead, which has the most pathetic, slowass zombies ever, but which manages to make them scary despite.

The Crazies starts off with unthinking zombies and ends with redneck zombies bent on revenge. At first the government seems menacing, but when the characters have to get somewhere, the military just seems to step back and ignore them.

Virus that causes you to kill your fellow bumpkins. I’m right with you. Virus that causes some people to kill fellow bumpkins, some people to sacrifice themselves for the good of the town, and some people to hunt each other….not buying it.

Sorry, Crazies, I was totally loving that pitchfork in the trailer, but the nuclear bomb google maps bit? No good.

But it’s still better than the first one. As consistent as that one stays, it has one major issue: Borrrrrrring.


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