Scott started a Meme. God, what a nerd. But part of being married is being supportive of each other…so here are

10 Movie Facts About Me

1. I hate when people (usually middle-aged people) ask me what my favorite movie is. Because usually they haven’t seen it/heard of it and usually they don’t care. This isn’t because my movie tastes are obscure; it’s because people who ask those kinds of questions don’t really like movies.

2. My favorite film watching experience was the 5 Feature Animals Attacking Humans Midnite for Maniacs at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. I loved it because of the movies were great, but also because I have a stalker crush on the guy who runs Midnite for Maniacs.

3. Since I started dating Scott I have seen an ungodly amount of 90s psychological thrillers.

4. My favorite movies of last year were all meant for children.

5. Lately popcorn has been a consistent part of my diet.

6. I’ve seen every Woody Allen movie but one: Cassandra’s Dream. That’s weird because I really like the name Cassandra.

7. I watched (with Aaron) an entire season of 24 in 24 hours. And it was awesome.

8. My favorite comfort movies are Rushmore, Lost in Translation, Almost Famous, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If I’m sick or having a terrible day I’ll put in one of these movies and feel better. I also watch a lot of X-Files on those days.

9. I love horror movies more than anyone I know. It doesn’t matter how shitty a horror movie is, if there’s a lot of gore I’ll probably love it.

10. The popcorn I’m eating right now is a little too salty.

Now you guys have to list 10 movie facts about yourselves:
Brian @ Dear Jesus
Alex @ Film Forager
Squish @ Film Squish
Rob @ Use Soap
Caitlin @ 1416 and Counting
Piper @ Lazy Eye Theatre



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7 responses to “10

  1. Heather C

    Does #7 count as a movie fact? You might owe us another fact… (though #7 is impressive).

  2. w/r/t #1, i like it when older people ask what my favorite movie is, because then i just answer west side story.

    • I usually say “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” but then they say “which ONE?” And I say there’s only one, but they laugh like I’m making a joke. It’s annoying. There is only one. The other one is called “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

  3. Cassandra’s Dream isn’t great, but watchable if only for the sake of completism.

    Anyway I feel like I truly know you now. And thanks for the tag! Another way to procrastinate, golly gee I always need those!

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