1001 Movies: Mutiny on the Bounty

I’ve seen this movie before. That’s always a weird feeling (I think the correct term is “uncanny”) because when I first put Mutiny on the Bounty on I was sure it would be my first time with this story. It’s also weird because my family wasn’t really a movie watching family when I was a kid. I feel like my tastes in movies (The Brave Little Toaster, Empire Strikes Back, The Neverending Story, etc.) dominated the VCR. So I’m not sure when I saw this and who I saw it with, but I have a vague recollection of my mom and I talking about a book she read about the events while watching one of the whipping scenes.

I didn’t remember the Tahitians, but who would? Boat movies are usually pretty dull for me (excluding Jaws, of course), but Mutiny on the Bounty was just the opposite. Everything that took place on the boat was fascinating, and then as soon as they got to the island everyone’s suddenly in love and humble and simple and whatnot. I’m pretty forgiving of politically correct mistakes of past filmmaking, but I don’t forgive booorrrrinnnnggg.

Boring? Or Sexy?

Mutiny on the Bounty took a lot of turns that seem atypical for popular early Hollywood. It was probably aided by the original, true story, but it was nice to watch a film from the 30s that took so many turns. The plot is complex, and as a result the characters are complex, including the sadistic captain who never quite redeems himself but also never gives into complete cliche.

And Clark Gable was a real hunk without that ridiculous mustache.



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5 responses to “1001 Movies: Mutiny on the Bounty

  1. I’ve never had that happen to be before. I’d imagine it’d be quite a trip!

    I can see where this film would fall under “boring” as it doesn’t deviate much from its foreboding tone for most of the film.

    This was my first trip down Frank Lloyd lane. I’d like to see what he does with another less-politically oriented script. I suppose we’ll be watching Cavalcade at some point!

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