Three Best Friends Saturday Triple Feature!!: Vol. 2

‘Cause we’re the three best friends that anyone could have. We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

The Attendees:







This Week’s Theme: Films that came out in the year of our birth starring someone we’ve never seen in a film before.

The Initiation
Directed by Larry Stewart
Starring Daphne Zuniga who went on to star in Spaceballs and “Melrose Place”
97 min, 1984

Synopsis: Kelly is haunted by her nightmares, which we realized in the first few seconds were actually….MEMORIES! And those memories are going stalk her down soon. And kill!

What’d ya think?

Scott: The Initiation was surprisingly good. A thriller of Chopping Mall quality.

Aaron: Do you think that she got in to the Sorority?

(Long debate about whether or not she got in and whether or not she might be the defacto new leader.)

Luke: For the ending they just kept filming her until they ran out of film.

Scott: And then they laid down some sweet saxophone.

Aaron: Annnd. It’s over. Freeze frame.

Sam: Best soundtrack ever.

Aaron: The saxophone at the end is the bigger twist.

Luke: Maybe everyone’s quote should be about the last five minutes.

Heather: I didn’t hate the last five minutes.

Directed by Penelope Spheeris
Starring Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a bunch of other punks
94 min, 1984

Synopsis: Punks have it rough. They molest girls and drink a lot, but they aren’t nearly as bad as the citizens who pester them all day. The only good guys here are the cops, that try to talk sense into everyone and, tragically, fail fail fail.


Heather (walking out the door to go take her mom to a cowboy bar): That’s too bad, because so far I was loving this movie.

Scott: I’m proud that I can stare at Flea for 45 minutes before I realize who he is.

Aaron: I really like the softer side of punk rock.

Sam: Best movie with baby killing and child abuse ever.

Dressed to Kill
Directed by Brian de Palma
Starring Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, and Keith Gordon
105 min., 1980

Synopsis:  Dressed to Kill wasn’t planned. Aaron actually wanted to watch Alligator, but Netflix totally fucked him (he’s suing on Heather’s legal recommendation) and all the torrents were conspiring against him, so we turned to another film in his birth year and pretended we had never heard of Michael Caine. So we kinda cheated but….oh my god! Best movie ever!!! Thank you so much (Gavin) for getting me a copy of this.

So anyway, it’s pretty much a Psycho remake with a cross dresser.


Sam: Hey look! The hormones are working!

Laura: I thought it was pretty good. Peter’s the man. He invented the Peter, he invented the camera bike, he saved the prostitute. He’s the man.

Scott: We’re three for three on vaginas.

Aaron: Only one split screen, but oh what a split screen!



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3 responses to “Three Best Friends Saturday Triple Feature!!: Vol. 2

  1. brian

    gavin actually has a copy of alligators.

    but in dressed to kill, the camera bike is great, but the venereal disease is the funniest joke ever.

    • Definitely!! I love how it has an exclamation point after ward. like, Congratulations! You now have a venereal disease!

    • Oh, and we actually have a copy of Alligator now, too. But another problem was that Scott and I had already seen it at that big Animals Attacking Humans festival at the Castro.

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