Monday Morning Links

Maybe this counts as nepotism, but Scott’s post about celebrity no fly lists is the funniest one I’ve read this week. He Shot Cyrus has been raging. You should go and leave comments on every post.

Every year Get a Film examines the Oscar Luncheon group photo. It’s amazing that he can find so many good jokes in one picture.

This cracks me up:

Use Soap Film’s review of Wolfman is full of great puns.

And my favorite blog of the week: Film Forager. This past week she’s been writing about a 24-hour Sci-Fi fest she attended (I’m jealous). She’s a great writer. She’s a female film blogger. And she has good taste. What more could you want?



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3 responses to “Monday Morning Links

  1. Oh my goodness, I am blushing super hard right now. Thank you for saying such nice things! Dear Jesus is kind of my favorite blog of the week, for serious.

    Also, yay for female film bloggers! Unite!

  2. brian

    i’ve got one link to add. it’s

    except, i dont know how to hyperlink in comments. but basically it’s a blog with fantastic lists of the best american movies of the past four decades (which, i imagine, will continue all the way until the 20s).

  3. Let’s add it next week to the links so people don’t miss it if they’ve read this one already. Because that website is awesome. Email me if you have any other links you want to put up and we’ll just put them all in one post.

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