Monday Morning Links

Acidemic takes a deeper look at the criticism written about the film Bronson. I saw this one last year at Sundance and feel equally ambivalent about it.

Over at AMC Horror Hacker Maitland McDonagh gives her list of some appropriate movies to screen on Valentine’s Day.

Holy God. Can it be true? : Stem Cell Bacon!!!!!

My New Plaid Pants has some great ideas about love, relationships, and Valentine’s Day, too.

And my favorite blog of the week: Sarahnomics. Just check out those awesome Star Wars pictures. The first one makes me less depressed about looking like Mark Hamill.



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3 responses to “Monday Morning Links

  1. brian

    luke was a cutie until he got his face mangled right before they filmed empire strikes back

  2. I love that picture of him. But I don’t like his hair, and I think that’s probably all we have in common. Looks-wise. We have a lot of things in common personality-wise: whiney, sad when family members die, in physical love with our sisters…etc.

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