Monday Morning Links

Every time I open Dear Jesus now I get assaulted by a picture of dude spreading another dude’s butt cheeks! What’s that all about?? Just another reason close-ups aren’t always better. What started as a beautiful display of sub-dom leather love is turned into something pasty and gross.

As a way of putting a little distance between that picture and me, and as a way of starting a new tradition, here is a short list of links from fellow film blogs.

Film Experience Bullock Jokes – Lately I have been getting a real kick out of how horrible Sandra Bullock is. Nathaniel’s readers aren’t pulling their punches with these captions!

He Shot Cyrus Poster Series – Scott’s job as a writer for a graphic design company is teaching him all kinds of new reasons poster art usually sucks. In this post he picks apart Scorsese.

Top Gun’s so Gay! Hurray! – Caitlin points out just a few of the reasons Top Gun holds up…even if it is soooo boring.

Apocalyptic Mating – Piper points out which celebrities he’ll be willing to mate with in the up coming apocalypse. Plus, you can read all about my uterus in the comments section.

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby – No specific post in mind here. I’ve just been loving this blog recently. The title isn’t the only good joke.


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