The Many Faces of Doris Day

I really really really don’t like Doris Day. I mean as an actress, not personally. Personally she might be cool…she seemed like a pretty good business woman and she seemed to market her image consistently, but as an actress she’s more annoying than Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace. Like Jim Carrey but female. Or like Sandra Bullock but even worse.

Here is a case study told in photographs:

Calamity Jane was one of the biggest badasses of the West. Here's Doris Day playing Calamity Jane. Not so badass?

Is her "secret love" referring the sexual favors she allegedly traded with Bill Hickok?

oh boooooy! I'm Calamity Jane! I wear boy clothes! Guhaw!

Here's how Day represents Calamity's alcoholism.

She's really good at shooting glasses out of people's hands. She's also good at killin' injuns.

Riding into the sunset with her new murderous husband.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. It’s a musical. It’s supposed to be upbeat and funny. Quirky, even. But look at those faces. How could you not want to punch her in the face??


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12 responses to “The Many Faces of Doris Day

  1. Mike DeVita

    and who says you have any TASTE at all.

    • That’s a good point. But isn’t that what blogging is all about? People who have no credentials (except in this case a couple of degrees, but what does that mean, really?) publishing whatever they want?

  2. Jim Alan

    You really dislike Doris that much based on one movie and some promo shots? If she can make you feel that way being out of character, that means she’s a great actress.

    • No, not exactly based on my way too many viewings of that one movie (I’m presenting a paper at my regional PCA conference on folk musicals if you’re interested). I just chose Calamity Jane as a case study. I really don’t like most of her performances. Except Young Man With a Horn. She’s really good in that one.

  3. One more thing, for those who love Doris Day. Can I ask you what religion you believe in? I’ve noticed that a lot of people who have a real affinity for Day are Christian, which makes sense because most of her films (or at least her characters do) embody Christian beliefs.

  4. s

    She is just an actress. It’s just a movie. There are far worse movies put out every day. (and TV).

    Vote with your dollar.

  5. Dean

    Sorry, but… you’re wrong. You may not like her, but she was one of a kind, an American original, and the real deal. Singer, dancer, comedienne, actress, animal rights activist – she could pretty much do it all and did it really well. And she was the #1 female box office star for more years than you can count. Her best film work still holds up, as do a lot of her over 400 recordings.

    We suggest you try watching movies like “Young Man with a Horn”, “Love Me or Leave Me” – or not. As for me, I am a huge Doris Day fan and always will be.

  6. I love Doris Day and I’m an atheist. I recognise why she may be annoying though. It’s like the way I find Pierce Brosnan incredibly annoying, even as Bond. Actually, I’m getting annoyed even typing about him 😦

  7. Doris Day was a very talented actress and all around great person, and a credit to “womanhood”! I cannot ubderstand WHY anyone would NOT like her, they must have some problem with putting up with themselves.

  8. Jayme Correa

    Srs. Adoro a Doris Day. Seu filme Calamity Jane é simplemente fantastico! Pra mim é uma das melhores comediantes americanas. E é boa cantora também, uma das músicas que eu mais gosto dela chama-se “Que Sera Sera”. Orgulho-me de ter nascido em uma época em que ela estava em evidência. Um grande abraço a todos.

  9. Gotta dig Doris, man! Just dig her!

  10. Cynthia

    Hilarious. I was feeling guilty and incredulous that I could be the only person on the planet to feel this way about Doris Day. Apart from her hip to waist ratio, I don’t think she was very attractive either.

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