Gay Rights Wins!!

The results are in. Thanks for voting, everyone. So I think my plan is to just watch as many films dealing with gay rights that I can over the next month or so, and then move on to the patriot act. At that point we’ll see if I want to continue with the others or start a new poll. My goal is to write at least 2 posts a month on the subject. There will be a lot more going on at Dear Jesus besides gay rights, though. So keep checking back in for new series and reviews!

Help me think of a clever name for this topical series.



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7 responses to “Gay Rights Wins!!

  1. I’m so glad that Patriot Act didn’t win.
    I wish abortion had won though.
    Just think of all the horror movies.

  2. brian

    yeah, what movies are about the patriot act? would redacted count?

    and if abortion would have won, i could have watched nightmare on elm street 3 or 4 again — which ever one was about abortion. and every variation of frankenstein (since it’s kind of about abortion, like they’re the obscene underside to keeping your unborn where you can’t love the child you create).

    but i think all the rambo movies deal with gay rights. especially since don’t ask dont tell is all the rage again.

    • Yeah, secretly I was hoping for abortion, too. But this one will be fun. I want to watch a lot of older movies with gay characters that I’ve missed so far.

  3. brian

    and i’ll try to think of a name. i like the name skrittle skrunk, but it probably doesnt work. i’ll just have to use it for a band name.

  4. natali

    i really wanted animal rights cuz then you could watch anything involving a mink coat.

  5. natali

    that being said i forgot to vote. i was never good at voting.

  6. I forgot to mention, Scott took that picture. Amazing? yes.

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