New Series

As part of my New Years Resolutions, I want to start a few new series on Dear Jesus. I came up with the idea of choosing a specific subject and watching as much as I can about that subject while posting reviews about how different sources approach the same idea. Here’s a poll of potential subjects to start off. Vote on the one you’d post want to read about:


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4 responses to “New Series

  1. Oh, and Brian, if you want to add anything to the poll, you should do it. Just edit it from our dashboard and then we can do this together (if you wanna. No pressure. Oh damn it, why did my X-Files DVD just stop on its own??)

    • brian

      well, since i’ve been on this rambo kick again, having watched the first three rambo movies and reading the book rambo first blood part ii, i’m already all over the vietnam war.

      and, i think if i had one topic that comes up again and again in my posts, it would be the rights of animal actors.

      but if i had to add anything to the list, it would be like computers — computers in movies. that or tape recorders (because i watched de palma’s blow out last night).

    • brian

      or the christology of 80s action movies.

  2. That would be awesome: computers in movies. Like in Colossus: The Forbin Project. Maybe you should already start writing about that. Because I would love to read that series.

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