The End of a Week

Sundance is over. Thank God. About a month from now I’ll be so excited for next year’s lineup, but for now, I’m relieved that it’s over. Seeing 3-5 movies a day is fun in the comfort of your living room, but seeing 3-5 movies in theaters can get a little monotonous. Not to mention the popularity of Sundance that forces you to show up at least 30 mins early and wait in line in the snow and wind. Every once in a while, usually after watching a film like New Low, I come out of the theater – only to get right back into line for the next screening – and wonder why I do this. After all, Scott and I cover the festival for free, and even have to dip into our own funds when you consider all the time we take off work. Then I see something like Winter’s Bone and I remember what a great opportunity a festival like Sundance provides us.

Here’s the final breakdown of the past week:

Friday, January 22
Shorts Program III (7 shorts)
His and Hers

Saturday, January 23
Bran Nue Dae
Waiting for Superman
Please Give

Sunday, January 24
Smash His Camera
Documentary Shorts (7 shorts)

Monday, January 25
Welcome to the Rileys
Jack Goes Boating

Tuesday, January 26
The Extra Man
Grown Up Movie Star
8: The Mormon Proposition
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
The Violent Kind

Wednesday, January 27
12th and Delaware
New Low
The Killer Inside Me

Thursday, January 28
HIGH School
Shock Doctrine

Friday, January 29
Sins of My Father
Space Tourists

Saturday, January 30
The Perfect Host
Winter’s Bone
Shorts Program II (7 shorts)
Animation Spotlight (9 shorts)

That brings my grand total to 31 films. Or, 27 features and 30 short films. That seems like a lot, but somehow it feels like I’ve seen so much more than that.

Look below to see the reviews I’ve posted already, and be on the lookout for reviews to come. Eventually I plan to have a little something written about all of them. Most of these movies were great, and deserve all the press they can get. Continue to check He Shot Cyrus and Identity Theory for additional Sundance coverage.


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