Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln

I have never laughed harder than I did during this installment of Drunk History. As far as I can tell, it’s not up on the internet yet, but I hope Derek Waters plans to upload this Sundance award winning short to his YouTube page along with the other episodes I posted below.

Here’s the pitch: Will Ferrell plays Abraham Lincoln. Don Cheadle plays Frekerick Douglass. And Zooey Deschanel plays Mary Todd Lincoln.

What more do you want?

“Mary Todd Lincoln was there when her husband was shot in the head. So she was a fucking badass. But that doesn’t mean she was immune to feelings.”

If there is any chance for you to see this film at Sundance. Do it. It will be playing on Sunday with the shorts award winners (along with some other great and important works of art). But if you can’t make it to Park City in time – like, if you live in Australia or somewhere pretty far away like that – be on the lookout.


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One response to “Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln

  1. kat

    I am more excited for this than I can say, even sober. I don’t live in Australia, but Scotland is far too.

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