how can this be considered art (again)?

or maybe:

again, how can this be considered art?

or better:

continuing from before . . .

“that’s for me to know and jason to find out”

this is only the second episode of genH i’ve watched in my life, but it seems like this guy jason (blond spikey hair, muscles, always strapped), who is maybe like a body-guard for this shady mobster, is hunting franco.  and franco’s not just an artist, he also a criminal.  possibly even a murderer.  or maybe just a soon to be murderer.  franco is now forcing jason to choose between the two women jason loves most in the (genH) world: lulu (his lover and possibly his true love(r)) and this other blond maybe named amy (who i think is the same publicist that was trying to talk franco into modeling for some designer jean spread in some high-fashion magazine in the last episode i watched).  one of the women jason can save; the other will end up as franco’s next “death-art” piece.

“the internet is so unreliable,”  franco says to lulu (who he has kidnapped and strapped to a time-bomb) while eating a sandwich. later jason hears a bomb go off and genH cut to a commercial.  is lulu dead?  was it a different explosion?  possibly a car back-firing?  i’ll have to wait until after the commercials.  but then the commercials cut to president obama’s speech explaining how we’ll stop the next terrorist attack.  the talk lasts a couple minutes and focuses on unspecific managerial fixes.  rather than cut back to the exciting conclusion of genH, i’ve got to listen to di-sawyer and george-steph react to the president’s talk.

side plot: “the role of lisa miles will now be played by brianna brown”

turns out franco’s appearance on genH isn’t so ground-breaking: plenty of other celebrities have appeared on soaps in the past, including (but not limited to) rosie o’donnell, jerry springer and snoop dogg.  but the biggest soap opera cameo by a celebrity happened nearly thirty years ago (1981) when elizabeth taylor appeared as helena cassadine, the widow of mikkos cassadine, for 5 episodes of genH.  (interestingly, the character of mikkos cassadine was killed a few months prior when luke and laura thwarted cassadine’s attempt to freeze the world.  i’m guessing he had access to a device similar to k. vonnegut’s ice-9. )

taylor’s 5 episode appearance on genH culminated in the supercouple wedding of  luke and laura.  from a ratings standpoint, the wedding of luke and laura is the pinnacle of american day-time soap opera episodes: 30 million people watched this episode.  taking a cue from franco’s wsj piece, can you even imagine the disrupted suspension of belief those 30 million viewers experienced when they saw elizabeth taylor  (“i real person in a made-up world”)?

i’m recording today’s episode of genH.  it may be franco’s last episode for a bit.  i think he’s gonna blow-up a building.  blowing up buildings — that’s what i call art.



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4 responses to “how can this be considered art (again)?

  1. I think my husband’s mom named him after Luke from General Hospital, or some other soap that was popular at the time.

    I hope some kid gets named “Franco” because of this important art piece.

  2. brian

    franco seems like a good name for a kid, especially with all the totalitarian undertones.

  3. hi mate, happy holiday and i enjoy my time here.

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