i can no longer think what i want to think; my thoughts have been replaced by moving images

the audience’s identification with the actor is really an identification with the camera

i saw new moon the monday after it opened — packed theater, screaming preteen girls and all that. it was pretty great (except for the running time).

actually, the movie theater wasn’t mostly preteens; rather, it was mostly postteens.  like whitney’s thoughts on the marketing of where the wild things are, new moon is also a movie simultaneously marketed to (seemingly) different demographics.  something like a movie based on a children’s/young adult book that is actually meant for 20/30 somethings  (even the soundtrack for new moon — tom yorke, grizzly bear, st vincent, etc — has more in common with the soundtrack from where the wild things are  than the soundtrack from twilight).

what struck me most was how similar new moon seemed to those soft-core porns you sometimes come across on late-night cable.  soft-soft core (since there is no actual nudity) —  the actors are all kind of good-looking, but kind of ugly; dialogue is distracted; whenever anyone talks to each other, rather than communicating eye to eye, they’re always looking at the other person’s chest; shirts come off for any (or no) reason at all (related: when jacob first took off his shirt, the entire audience cheered).

i didnt read the book, but i understand there is this part after edward leaves (because bella is bad for him or something) that has mostly blank pages broken up only by the name of a single month (october, november, december).  in the book, it’s the whiteness, the margins, the empty space that dominates this time period in bella’s life.  but the movie contextualizes these blanks with background noise with this circling scene done in time-lapse where bella (her disposition and position) doesn’t change even though the scene outside her window does.  where the book has october and nothing else, the movie inserts the leaves falling outside.

also, the funniest thing was how bella is deathly afraid of aging. not just aging, but aging to (and past) the age of 18.  like it’s not good enough to become a vampire at age 19.  vampirism = perpetual adolescence, perpetual consumption.  the affluent first world consuming the excess labor of the third world turning living labor into dead consumption.

but the best part of the movie is the marriage proposal at the end.



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3 responses to “i can no longer think what i want to think; my thoughts have been replaced by moving images

  1. natali

    jacob always has a reason to take off his shirt

  2. This post makes me want to see the movie, and that’s the first time I can say that. But only for the really funny anti-feminist stuff. Seriously? Her life is a bunch of blank pages without the boy she’s high school crushing on? Even a mormon should get that that’s not cool.

  3. brian

    i sort of doubt new moon is any more anti-feminist than every other movie currently playing at your local mega-plex. i mean, this is america we’re talking about.

    i also think the blank pages are interesting. you have a over-dramatic high school girl who just got dumped by her first love, which is pretty cliche stuff, but rather than go on and on for pages about the depths of her misery and self-pity etc, it’s just nothing. there’s nothing but space. and i think in a way it probably helps with a kind of identification with bella for the reader
    like readers have to fill-in, contextualize, give meaning to those blank spaces. the movie, however, removes that option by forcing the context on you.

    or something like that.

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