katherine hepburn is my favorite author

i mean, after mary shelley

said in disgust: we’re not pioneering, we’re repairing!

then: hey, are you the fella that fired a couple of shots at billy the kid?

our government is nothing but a ganster’s joke.  the petrified forest reminds me of now.  super-exploitation of labo(u)r and, thanks to the pony express and the telegraph and cars and computers and shit, more and more redundant and/or superfluous labo(u)r which leads to massive redistribution of wealth upwards and consolidation of power.

the black mesa; that’s where we’re all headed.  so we better keep our senses of humor (and our guns).  just like bogey.

fate is in the eyes/hands of the beholder

speaking of bogart, the end of african queen gets pretty absurd.  but i’m not talking about surviving the rapids, bogey and hep falling in love, the chimp-acting, the mosquito attack, making improvised explosive devices to suicide ram a large(r) german ship or all the hippopotamuses.  the most absurd part is when rosie (katherine hepburn) makes an english (united kingdom?) flag for the african queen.  so you have this ex-pat sailor and a missionary representing the english navy (i guess) somewhere in the middle of africa fighting the germans.  so i guess this is what i meant at the beginning of the paragraph:  ww1 was absurd.

later on, charlie (bogey) has been captured by the germans and sentenced to death by hanging.  then the rosie shows up.  “rosie! rosie!” charlie yells.  the germans: you know that women?  charlie: no.  germans: but you just said her name.  charlie: i thought she was someone else.

for more information, read katherine hepburn’s the making of the african queen.  it’s fantastic.  i found it at this small used book store around the corner.  then, i found it again at the library of the rest-home my grandma is staying at.



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2 responses to “katherine hepburn is my favorite author

  1. Have you read her book called “Me.” Maybe someone’s done that before, but I thought that title was so funny.

  2. brian

    no but i’ll check that used book store. hopefully they have it. if not, maybe my grandma knows where a copy is. otherwise, i’ll buy it

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