Month of Terror Update

This has been my favorite month. Probably of all time. The weather is nice, the leaves are changing, haunted houses are beckoning, my costume is almost ready (the bees that killed Thomas J.), and – most importantly of all – the movies have been totally fucking awesome. You can check out Scott’s blog for more detailed (and hilarious) reviews, but here are the highlights:

ravenous-99121. Ravenous – a movie about cannibalism in Mexican-American War times. What more could you want? Did you know that if you eat humans, you get a little more powerful with every bite? Unfortunately, you also develop an insatiable hunger that can never be stifled by anything but more human flesh. Guy Pierce, that one Scottish guy, and that one child pornographer star in this movie that should have had more Jeremy Davies.

2. The Changeling – What a freaky film this is. The Changeling was one adults told me was okay to watch when I was a kid since it was a PG rated horror film. Those adults are so fucked up! If I had watched this when I was a kid I would have had nightmares for years. Just more proof that the rating system does not determine age-appropriateness. The slightest movements in this movie provoke terror. A piano key sounds on its own and I pee my pants. Let’s not even talk about when the wheelchair moves. Let’s just say it was time for a shower. (poo!)

frankenstein3. Bride of Frankenstein – So many more iconic images come from this sequel than the original Frankenstein. While I don’t think it’s the “better” film, like I’ve heard it said, I do think this is the funnier/funner film. “They warned me to beware my wedding night!”

4. Paranormal Activity – Maybe this one deserves its own post since it’s so controversial lately. People either love it or absolutely hate it and have devoted their lives to taking it down. I was on the love it side. I know I’m pretty easy on newer horror films, but if you take a look back over the last few years, the genre really has pretty much sucked. Take A Haunting in Connecticut, for example, a haunted house story that’s pretty typical: constant blood spatters from unknown sources, very ultra-visible ghosts, and lots of loud noises – including soundtracks. Paranormal Activity avoids the stereotypes and scared me so much. So when people say they don’t like it, I just figure they don’t really like goofy horror movies, and also they’re idiots.

5. Carnival of Souls – Considering that this movie was filmed at the infinitely creepy Saltair just outside of Salt Lake City, it really took me an unreasonable amount of time to watch it. I’ve even owned it for years and years but just never got around to it. Too bad, because I could have spent those years knowing how great Utah horror film can be. Released in 1962, this one has just the right amount of Mormon jokes and a sincerely frightening cast of ghouls. Not to be confused with the 1998 West Craven Presents Carnival of Souls, which is – of course – about a raping clown.

6. Dracula v. Nosferatu – Todd Browning’s Dracula is a joke – in a good and bad way. On the one hand, it’s not really what the guy who made Freaks wanted from his serious horror movie (poor drunk). It comes across as more than campy as Bela Legosi stares at the camera with his Evil Eyes for probably a straight 45 minutes. But that’s ok, because if you’re looking for the best, scariest vampire movie you can find, it’s not too far away. About three years earlier. Nosferatu is the superior movie in every way: acting, lighting, plot, and rats.


So that kind of covers it. We’ve been watching a lot of good ones, but some of them have been repeats for me (Eraserhead, Re-animator, Misery, Hellraiser, Candyman, Evil Dead II, etc).



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5 responses to “Month of Terror Update

  1. I haven’t decided which film has been my favorite. This year is 10x better than last year. I can’t wait for our Halloween Day screening of Frakenhooker. That’ll be one to tell the kids about.

  2. brian

    i loved that carnival of souls movie.

    and which version of nosferatu did you see? my friend clif has this copy with this really strange avant-garde score that made the entire movie hilarious. especially the sped up shots with the horse-drawn carriage.

  3. natali

    im still scared of bouncing balls because of the changeling. now i only want balls that dont bounce. and those are hard to find.

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