12 Hours of Horror

This started off as an idea to do 24 hours of hour. Yes, you’re right, that would have been badass, but Scott and I both realized that with my fascination with the genre and these past two Octobers of 31 Days of Horror, we’re quickly running out of decent movies to watch. That’s not to say that we don’t have a million non-decent movies to watch, or a million re-watches, but 24 hours worth of movies is not something you want to fuck around with. Aaron and I could barely do 24 hours of 24, which – as we all know – is jam-packed with awesome Jack Bauer action. Try watching the first disco-packed hour of Prom Night at the end of a straight day of movies. Not going to happen.

At any rate. What I’m getting at is that we’ve decided to do 12 hours worth. I don’t know what Scott’s planning, but here are my three picks:

Ju On1. Ju-on – I’m not a huge supporter of Japanese Horror lately, but this is, supposedly, one of the scarier examples. Obviously I’m going to want to stay away from the Sarah Michelle Gellar version. And maybe I’m wrong, but wasn’t this one of the first wet-haired-Asian-kids movies? I’m kind of excited to finally see it.

iBuryTheLiving2. I Bury the Living – I’m so stoked to see this. A 1958 movie starring Richard Boone in a cemetery? Sign me up.

the-texas-chainsaw-massacre-2-dennis-hopper113. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – This one’s supposed to be just chalk full of phallic imagery. And we all know how much I like yapping it up about phallic imagery. I’ve read so much about this and avoided it because of Dennis Hopper (that neo-nazi scares me), but now seems like the perfect time, surrounded by friends and family, to brave the horror.

So mostly this post is serving as an invitation to Brian, and whoever else might read this, to join us sometime on Halloween and watch movies with us. We’re going to need the company.



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7 responses to “12 Hours of Horror

  1. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how much you like penile representations…even if it’s connected to Dennis’s Hopper. I don’t know who Richard Boone is but I like him. I like his name. Very U.S. of A. As far as Ju-On…that little kid doesn’t scare me. I scare him!

  2. brian

    i love, love, love i bury the living. the board is the creepiest inanimate object in any horror movie i’ve seen.

    when are you guys watching this stuff?

  3. If I can make a request: watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 first, since I’ll probably miss your two first movies, and it’s the one I’m least interested in.

    But it’s your shindig, so do whatever you’ve got planned.

  4. brian

    i’m going to the zoo on halloween with my nieces, but i could probably drop by later for a movie or two.

  5. Rachel

    Have you seen Janghwa, Hongryeon? I don’t like horror, really, but that’s just a well made movie.

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