Let’s Hug it Out, uh…Bitch?

Lately I’ve been watching a lot fewer movies, and a lot more Entourage. Hey, if it’s good enough for Obama it should be good enough for me, right? Sure, it’s a little repetitive, a little over the top, and a lot sexist, but it’s fun and entertaining and that’s all I really want from my television viewing. (My secret fascination with Flavor of Love should prove that.)


And even if it is overly dramatic, Entourage is reminding me how glad I am I didn’t go to school in LA or New York. The production side of American film making – Hollywood, independent, if they’re not Terry Gilliam it seems they all get trapped – is nasty, frustrating, and pretty unbearable. I’m not saying critic/theoretical work is any less corrupt. Look at Susan Sontag…someone who has had a few interesting things to say, but who achieved celebrity by hobnobbing.

I noticed this compulsion to network when I was at Cinequest in San Jose. Sundance was too above Scott and I to bother with us much (though we did get a lot of requests for business cards), but Cinequest treated us like we were Hot Shit. Filmmakers wanted to do lunch, for example. Silly, when you remember that we write for an online magazine that doesn’t even pay us. But it seems to be all about names, and Film Threat has become a sort-of big name (with Chris Gore attached…though before I started writing for them, I had no idea who he was). It was all very stupid.

But then the trailer for Moon came out. I have a quote that whizzes by barely noticed in that trailer. But don’t let me fool you, I was stoked stoked stoked. With MY name on a HOLLYWOOD movie, I feel like a real, live, D-list celeb. Worthy of that Diablo Cody room at the Fairmont. 


No wonder review work is so bad. And no wonder such lousy movies get made. When so many people associated with the film industry at all are reduced to name-dropping and pathetic weaseling. 

I got off topic. Back to Entourage: I like all the Tobey Maguire jokes they make. 




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3 responses to “Let’s Hug it Out, uh…Bitch?

  1. brian

    i saw that moon movie and it was terrible. i couldnt even believe it. and the worst part was the score. but, somehow, as bad as that movie was it was a pleasant treat compared to the 20 plus minutes of “indie” movie previews they showed before it started.

  2. Really? I loved that movie. I thought it was funny and smart and a good way to rip off sci-fi better than it.

  3. brian

    really? i mean, i liked the middle section when he meets his clone, but there was just too much filler. and they didnt even touch on the differences between the “authentic” individual and it’s clones, or the artificial-ness of all memory (surgically implanted or organically created). they didnt mention the intellectual property rights that will grow out of cloning. for instance, is the original even aware that there are clones of him mining the moon? if so, is he being compensated for the use of his dna sequence?

    but mostly, i thought there was too much filler. they dragged the ending out forever without even scratching the surface of potential meaning(s). and, seriously, how can you make a future movie about digital technology (like cloning, not to mention the robot and the automated status of the mining compound) and not use any electronic movie? even halo the video game has a better score (and it’s a terrible score).

    i would go as far to say that silent running is both more interesting and has a better score (even with that weird ass county song they keep replaying).

    i still think that sunshine sets the standard for contemporary sci-fi.

    but i demand a lot from sci-fi films. or rather, if you can’t make them better than the b-sci-fi-movies of the 50s, what the point of even making the movie?

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