i’ve read a couple books by steven powers.  one was about computers, the early internet and the computational theory of the mind and how they all function using a similar language, namely binary (or 1/0 or presence/absence).  in my brain, all the signifiers are confused, but it’s like neurons either firing or not firing (binary) through synapses.  the other book was a double-helixed love-story about evolution and how dna is related to these piano pieces by bach and this one poe short-story about cryptography (goldberg/goldbug and its variations).   again, all three are related in the language used to create the variations, but in this case, the base of the language has four characters rather than two (which might be called quaternary).  the second book is twice as long as the first which may account for the different number of terms guiding the languages of the two books.  here’s the math: 2(squared)=4.

this is another way of saying that i just finished reading jurassic park.  and it’s way better than the movie.

i understand that books and movies are different.  more importantly, movies made from books (and books made from movies) are (radically) different from their source material.  the medium is the message and all that shit (i’m using shit in a positive way like “the shit” (but not in the way that was used in vietnam)).

for instance: 2001, the book is a disaster.  some of this has to do with ac clarke’s proselytizing for an idealized version of liberal humanism, but the biggest difference between the book and movie is the language employed (written v film) and those language differences are embedded in the technological differences of the medium employed.  blah blah blah.

my heart just isnt in it.  in the writing i mean.

(side note: tcm has been killing it today.  all teenage beach movies, except for this one about picking up on college girls at ski resorts and it had a side plot about this senator who didnt trust rock-n-roll.  the one on right now is about bikinis and the first skateboard race in the history of the world (1967).  right now, this science-type kid who this one babe likes is modifiying a skateboard using advanced physics so she can win this race against the nerdy kid’s hunky brother.  and there have already been like 4 performances by surf-rock bands.  each band wears matching outfits like white slacks and red faux-ponchos.  the costume designer is a genius.  it’s called it’s a bikini world, which may somehow be the inspiration for kraftwerk’s computer world record.)


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  1. Jurassic Park was my favorite book in elementary school. I read it, like 4 times. I loved The Lost World, too, and I was so mad about how they took the dinosaurs to the city. Stoooooopid.

    I didn’t like 2001, either. I read it for this religion and film class. I wish I hadn’t, because it kind of retrospectively made the movie less cool.

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