i read about this study where the fluoridation of water may lead to an increase in violent crime.  supposedly fluoride in the water enhances the body’s uptake in lead which is a “neurotoxin that lowers dopaminergic function in the inhibitory circuits of the basal ganglia.”

so maybe col ripper was right about the communist plot of fluoridation.  he was just wrong about it’s effects — instead of a decrease in sexual essence, it just leads to more violence.

but if there’s one thing that i’ve learned from movies, it’s that sex and violence are often related.



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2 responses to “p.o.e.

  1. What a coincidence. I just watched Con Air, in which Nicolas Cage’s name is Poe. His enemy is Cyrus the Virus and his BFF is Baby-O.

  2. brian

    that’s interesting. i wonder if it’s a strangelove reference. or, what’s con air even about? maybe it’s a poe reference. but maybe that part in strangelove is a poe reference.

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