it’s nothing new but it’s something i get use to

sometimes i get to work from home.  on those (great) days, i sprawl out on the couch with a laptop, turn on tcm, turn the sound down and put on some music.  you’re probably wondering why i substitute the sound from whatever movie they’re playing on tcm for whatever sounds come of the shuffle of my mp3-playing device (i already feel bad enough about name dropping tcm and i’m worried there’s more name dropping to come).  it’s because, as mentioned earlier, i’m working at home.  this means i can’t really watch the movies, but do get chances to watch a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  so instead of trying to piece together the plot from half-heard dialouge and randomly seen scenes (funny), i’m looking for the interesting way the images and the music sync up whenever i randomly look up from my computer screen.

one time i was watching either beach party blanket or bikini blanket bingo or some other 60s teen beach musical while listening to lee perry and it was incredible.

last week, while listening to a lofi mix, i watched this:

the beginning of henry v is great.  this note flies on to the screen.  a note telling us that henry the fifth will be performed at the glode theater on the first of may, 1600.  then it’s this helicopter shot of maybe the thames river that pans over until it passes the globe theater, then, realizing the mistake, the shot heads back to the globe theater were the play begins.

it’s like the land of the lords (sebadoh) come to life except that it doesn’t look anything like life.

and the costumes are awesome

now it’s raining in the globe theater while jesus and mary chain are singing about leather boots and motorcycles.

the rain stops right as jad fair and daniel johnston start singing summertime (bubble gum, popsicles, ice cream and coke; it must be true that the world is a joke)

oh shit.  now, as the song darkens and daniel is saying “or so it seems” to jad’s  “it’s summertime and all is fine” a swords fight breaks out.

falstaff, poor you, no one understands you.

i like it when henry v stops being a play and starts being a tapestry.  i dont know how that connects to guided by voices.

henry is giving that famous speech before the battle and all i can hear is nirvana.  it seems appropriate.

they’re charging just as kurt  is yelling go away.



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3 responses to “it’s nothing new but it’s something i get use to

  1. I love doing this, too. I’ve mostly done it with just regular tv instead of movies, but it’s so cool how many good ideas for movies you can get from listening to music instead of listening to dialogue.

  2. brian

    this may be too simplistic, but the best way to make a bad movie good is to turn the sound down and turn up some music that is good.

    my friend has this copy of nosferatu with a contemporary score that was written precisely for the film — the music matches the mood and feel of the film (or the mood and feel of watching a film 80 years after it was made) in exact and splendid ways. but any other version of the film score i’ve seen changes the movie so much. all the humor is lost, it’s not nearly as creepy and often becomes boring. and the only difference is the music playing.

  3. working at home is always the best, you are always at the comforts of your home while earning ~

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