no, caveman! it’s wrong to kill!

have you ever seen that movie the blob?  i have and it’s excellent.  the best part?  the opening song:

i have a suspicion that someone wrote this song and then everyone realized that there needed to be a movie to go along with it.  the song’s that good.

as mentioned before, the movie is good too.  as good as the song.  it’s directed by irvin “shorty” yeaworth jr who made a handful of b-level sci-fi films in the 50s and 60s and, i guess, also sometimes made christian movies and then died in a carcrash a few years ago while overseeing the building of a theme park in jordan.

but i think the best movie he ever made was dinosaurus!

you’ve probably already figured out the plot:

colonial interests are blowing the shit out of the ocean floor near this island in maybe the carribean.  they unearth two dinosaurs — a t-rex and a brontosaurus — and a cavemen, all frozen for a million years.  then lighting strikes, awakening the prehistorics.  then the t-rex kills a drunk irish guy, a bus load of people, the brontosaurus and the caveman.  then the t-rex gets knocked off a cliff in an aliens like battle — human + technology beating out some monster.  the end.  (actually, the the end is followed by a question mark leaving the possibility for a yet to be made sequel unless you count jurassic park as the sequel since they stole almost everything from dinosaurus! including the white outfit that old guy that owns the island wears.)

dinosaurus! is a b-movie, but in the best possible way.  in fact, i would argue that it’s similar to hitchcock movies of the same period in it’s look and self-consciousness.   like, while the movie takes place on some tropical island, most of the outdoor scenes are shot in lush, colorful, crowded sets located in studios just like north by northwest.  the characters all wear quirky, pressed outfits.  and there are tons of strange jokes about how this movie is a movie.

but the best part of dinosaurus! is the caveman.  after being frozen in ice for over a million years, he finds himself in a new totally new environment surrounded by nothing familiar.  but where this movie differs from most movies featuring cavemen is that this caveman is actually smart.  smarter than anyone else in the movie (with the exception of the kid, julio).

this makes sense.  many evolutionary biologist argue that there hasn’t been that many significant changes, biologically speaking, in quite a while.  this means, if a caveman baby somehow time-travelled to now and was raised by present parents, they would grow up like any kid born today.

while i’m oversimplifying the argument, the point is this caveman has a brain that allows him to understand and make predictions about the new environment he finds himself in.  this stuff plays out in the funniest way.  the caveman ends up in someones house where he finds an axe and understands how it can be used as a tool.  then he sees himself in the mirror for the first time, and while initially he’s scared, comes to understand that it’s an image of himself.  then he tries to eat a book, but realizes this isn’t food but something else.  he stares at the pages as he begins to understand that these are symbols meant to communicate information.  later he runs into julio who shows him how to use a stove to cook food, then shows him how to eat his food using a fork.

anyway, dinosaurus! is great movie that looks cool with more jokes than you have time to laugh at.

check out this site for more dinosaurus! pics.



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6 responses to “no, caveman! it’s wrong to kill!

  1. natali

    more jokes then you have time to laugh at is funny

  2. My name is Chuck Benson, my bride of 50 years and I are, now, Honorary Doctorates of Evangelic Ministry. In the late 60’s we were invited to a meeting in Palm Springs with an organization that was, we believe, partly organized by Shorty Yeaworth. It was called Christian In The Arts. Shorty introduced us to a newly converted young Christian, Larry Norman, who had been a well known former “worldly rock band musician” and, was well on his way to becoming one of the best known Christian song writers with many well know modern Christian songs that are still sung in Churches today. Shorty joined us, after the conference, for a few days at Highlands Inn, in Carmel,

  3. continued from Chuck Benson’s comments. We were really very impressed with Shorty and his wife and will never forget his wonderful love of Jesus and his plans to use his talents in Motion Pictures to tell others about the Love of Jesus. I had graduated from the U.C.L.A. Theater Arts/MotionPicture Division in 1956 and then attended Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to make Christian motion pictures…so, Shorty was my Hero who was already far ahead of my motion picture goals. Unfortunately, we lost contact with Shorty many decades ago, much to our chagrin….and, of course, long before anyone had a personal computer where we could find one another.

  4. more from Chuck and Margo Benson. If anyone knows how we can contact Shorty’s surviving relatives, especially, his wife. Please let them know our e-mail address… “

    Later, we discovered that Larry Normans’ parents lived in San Jose. We lived in Los Gatos, in the Santa Cruz Mts. and frequently attended the local Full Gospel Businessmen’s meetings where we met Larry’s father. I will never forget the tears forming slowly in the corners of his eyes and slowly running down on to the cheeks of Larry’s father’s face as we sang Christian songs that his son had written.

  5. continued comments by Chuck Benson….I realized in that moment how much Larry Norman’s father had prayed for his son to become his child who was now, “living and serving The Lord in such a wonderful way. We had no idea how much influence that persons in the Christian In The Arts, like Shorty Yeaworth, had on younger Christian talents like Larry Norman.
    Later, we saw articles in Time Magazine about Larry and began to realize how fortunate we were to have met and fellowship with Shorty and his wife for a wonderful weekend of Palm Springs CTA Conference and then to have a priviate personal time with them as our guests in Carmel for a few days. Oh, how I wish we had been able to keep our contact with them before Shorty was suddenly “called home to be with his Father Creator, Yahwey.” In 2004 we attended the last great Healing Explosion of Charles and Frances Hunter at the Astrodome in Houston and received our Ordination and Ministry Licenses from them just before they died a couple of years ago

  6. continued from Chuck Benson…..Shorty was 4 years older than me, but, obviously, had accomplished a lot more in life than we will every be able to do. He told me that he was paid $5000 a week to direct the Smithsonian
    Institute archived historical sci-fi film “The Blob”. I would imagine, in today’s purchasing power of money that would be around $50,000 a week as a Director of motion pictures. Shorty told us that he had bought a farm in one of the upper eastern states (I forgot which one) and he was having difficulty in getting the financing to finish it as a motion picture studio to
    make Christian motion pictures. Obviously, Shorty was a great futurist and he was, obviously, much more successful in his motion picture endeavors than most of us. Today, Margo and I are concentrating our personal last years as Evangelists to spread the Word of The Love of Jesus to as many as will listen. At our current ages of 81 for me and 75 for Margo, we will not have too many more years to reach out with our goal to help orphan children in third world nations….but, we will, like Shorty, not give up until we are “called home” to be with Jesus and all of His friends, like Shorty.

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