Dear Jesus

I was reading an essay the other day about the book Martha, Inc. The author of Martha, Inc. apparently makes some comments about her hysterectomy that implies that she did it as a form of birth control. The essayist claims that only a man could make such an assumption.

I was reminded of this post. Am I terrible person? Or at least a terrible woman? I know I would be a terrible mother.


Ultrasound Jesus?

Ultrasound Jesus?

Sometimes I miss when this blog was about the Infinite Unknown. Especially when we get comments like this:
“god…i doesn’t hate you….
but why?
why you hate me??
i just want to make a simple life…
just a simple life…
i close to you..
i pray to you…
why you make me so un-lucky every day??
i just want a lucky day..
i justtt….
doesn’t hate you…. ”

Adorable. Someone should base a movie script on it.


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