Forget Yourself

So there’s my boy toy Scott at He Shot Cyrus take just got picked up to write for and then there’s me…too lazy to go down the street to the coffee shop and type out a few blogs I wrote out on some scraps of paper a couple weeks ago:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Forget This Film?

I think critics lost sight of what Sarah Marshall is: a Hollywood produced romantic comedy. And with the exception of a rare few. there aren’t many I like more.

No, this is not necessarily a great movie. Not even a good one, really. But there is sufficient romance and it makes you laugh consistently throughout. As a bonus, there aren’t any blaring anti-feminist statements for me to get worked up about.

Here is an example of hilarity:


"I like her hair. Does the carpet match the pubes?"

"I like her hair. Does the carpet match the pubes?"

Here’s another:


And though nothing really fits together quite right, each scene (DVD chapter, really) works on its own.

Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill make you giggle, Jason Segel’s wee wee makes you laugh, and the Dracula rock opera “A Taste for Love” makes you cry.

So lighten up guys. this one is worth a casual, computer’s-on-and-you’re-playing-Dr.-Mario, viewing.


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  1. LOL, well, mostly I agree, but I liked this one quite a bit.

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