alphabutt part 2

here’s my list:

a: asphalt jungle or all about eve
b: bill and teds excellent adventure or the birds
c: chameleon street
d: darkstar or duel in the sun
e: the empire strikes back or the equinox: a journey into the supernatural
f: faces or fireworks
g: grey gardens
h: holy mountain or honeymoon killers
i: inland empire
j: joan of arc, the passion of
k: kiss me deadly or kiss me, stupid
l: little dieter needs to fly or le gai savoir
m: metropolis
n: north by northwest or night of the hunter
o: once upon a time in the west or ordet
p: pandora’s box or phase iv
q: the quiet earth
r: robocop or the red shoes
s: singin in the rain or sullivan’s travels or sunset boulevard or the steel helmet
t: tokyo drifter
u: umberto d (but only because i couldnt think of any other u movie)
v: videodrome
w: wild style or weekend or written on the wind
x: malcom x?
y: yojimbo
z: 2001: a space odyssey (the 9000 computers are fool-proof and incapable of error)

some letters where too difficult to choose just one, while other letters were impossible.  but i dont think malcolm x or umberto d are worth seeing.



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3 responses to “alphabutt part 2

  1. how about X: the man with x-ray eyes ? or unfaithfully yours or un chein andalou ?

  2. the only other z movie i could think of besides the movie called ‘z’, which i can’t remember seeing. is dawn of the dead AKA zombi or an italian horror that came out the year after (1979) called zombie.

  3. brian

    i chose 2001 because i was watching it while making the list and 2s look like zs and i love that movie. but the other suggestions are way better. i can’t believe i forgot unfaithfully yours.

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