Praise Jesus

Well, that’s it, the blog is on! My job at the cafe where I sit for hours reading and searching whatever limited sites I can hack my way into has finally cleared the way for WordPress! Blog posting?? What’s next? Email?? A girl can only dream.

In other words, you will hopefully soon be drowning in blog posts from yours truly. That is, if my dream isn’t squashed with the flick of Mr. Miller’s pinky finger (knowing very little about computers, this is what I imagine causes things to be “webfiltered”).

Up first on my list of movies to review is Polyester. A giant clusterfuck of a movie, complete with drag queen, foot fetishist, and Odorama.


The library didn’t include the odorama card that comes with the disk, but I imagine the scratch-and-sniff dirty shoe smell is just as inexplicable as this entire film, in an endearing kind of way.

The fabulous Devine plays a smell-sensitive lonely housewife whose husband is having an affair with his skeletal secretary, whose son is the famed “Baltimore Foot Stomper,” and whose daughter tries to give herself a miscarriage with a hammer (it’s funnier than it sounds). But that’s only the first fifteen minutes of the film. Plot twists and turns are more plentiful than…a whore in church? No…that’s not right. Well, they’re plentiful.

Suddenly her daughter is into macrame and her son is a rehabilitated painter, but that doesn’t stop this film from packing as much disfunction into 80 minutes as it possibly can.

What starts out as ridiculous soon becomes perposterous and I loved every minute (except maybe the explanation of the odorama card, which wasn’t available to me.)



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3 responses to “Praise Jesus

  1. i’ve tried the card. they all smell like gas.

  2. brian

    yeah. the card was a bust but the movie is awesome. i think this might be devine’s best performance as well as the best performance by a drag quenn in any movie ever.

  3. my favorite Waters film. I’m still surprised this hasn’t been mined for a broadway show yet.

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