i havent posted here in quite a while.  i could list a bunch of reasons why but instead i’ll only list one:

1. i’ve been working on this post about how under-appreciated primate actors are, but, and this underscores my point, i can barely find any information.  i mean, the chimp in mxp isn’t even credited in any of the so-called online movie databases.  he’s the star of the show and i cant even find his name.  that’s bullshit.  so that post is requiring a lot more research than i generally put into my blogs (usually the only research i do is to try and search for extra-large images of whatever movie i’m writing about and half the time i dont even do that).  but i’m not giving up.  those chimp actors deserve recognition for their incredible work.  look for that post sometime in the future.

but right now i want to write about one of the halloween-appropriate movies i’ve seen in the last week.  but let me start by writing about this email i just responded to.

the other day i received a group email from an old friend listing the top ten scary movies he’s ever seen.  here’s my response list:

jesse james meets frankentein’s granddaughter
frankenstein meets abbott and costello
flesh for frankenstein
frankenstein unbound
the mask of satan
i bury the living
cemetery man
the tingler
the host

the funny thing about all four frankenstein movies is that they take place in the future.  or rather, they take place in the future of frankenstein.  but that makes sense since frankenstein, the book, is all about the future of science (and also about birthing anxieties and postpartum depression and a million other things which is why it’s such a great book and the source for so many great movies).

i saw flesh for frankenstein last thursday.  it’s by paul morrisey.  he hung out with andy warhol.  a year or so ago i saw another morrisey movie (also produced by andy warhol) called flesh.  like flesh for frankenstein, it stars joe dallesandro; unlike flesh for frankenstein, flesh features a nude joe dallesandro for like half the movie.  even though it has less male-nudity, flesh for frankenstein is amazing.  it’s got incest, necrophilia, decapitations, orgies, voyeurism and a bunch of other uncomfortable, taboo subjects taken to ridiculous extremes.  i mean, who knew that having baron frankenstein sexing up his female zombie he has yet to animate while his assistant otto watches could be so funny?

but what i loved best about the movie was the acting.  and i dont mean it was so bad it was good.  i mean that this movie openly challenges the notion that professional acting equals good acting.  but i’ll explore this idea more in my future primate actors post.


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  1. a future primate actors post…i can’t wait!

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