Month of Terror Part 2

The Month of Terror Continues!

October 4th: The Innocents (Clayton, 1961)

Apparently the inspiration for 2001’s The OthersThe Innocents is a lot more creepy and yet a lot more overblown. Deborah Kern had Scott’s head exploding (in a bad way) with old-school My-Fair-Lady style acting, but I thought the imagery of the movie more than made up for it. Deborah Kerns is a nanny for two kids haunted by their dead groundskeepers. This movie does creepy shadow in the background right – with pretty stunning black and white photography – even if it does get the ending a little botched.
October 5th: Poltergeist II: The Other Side (Gibson, 1986)
So the message I get from this movie is Family+Indian = Powerful Force. I like families and Indians, especially this Indian: Will Sampson from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest fame.
October 6th: Poltergeist III (Sherman, 1988)

Ever wonder what Laura Flynn Boyle was up to before she played Donna on Twin Peaks? She was playing Donna in Poltergeist III. Compared to the first and second films this one blows. Compared to other PG horror films, this one still blows.


October 7th: Kairo (Pulse) (Kurosawa, 2001)
I saw Dark Water and really loved it. I saw Ringu and thought it was alright. But I just don’t think I really understand J-Horror on the level that it asks. I am told that with philosophical knowledge of Japanese culture I would enjoy these films more, but I don’t know…all I can say is I turned off Animal Crossing for this??
October 8th: Vampires (Carpenter, 1998)
James Woods needs more leading-man roles. Not! But other than that ugly fucker, I liked this movie almost as much as I liked Near Dark, which I liked.
October 9th: Cube (Natali, 1997)
This one definitely has an amateur feel to is (and a Canadian one on top of that) but it reaches past that with an original premise and interesting visuals. A group of people are randomly stuck in a large cube with interlocking pieces. Some rooms are rigged with traps. The group must find their way out of the cube before they die from lack of water. While the acting is pretty rough, and each line of dialogue might not exactly add up, cube is a fun movie for those mathematically and philosophically inclined viewers.
October 10th: The Dead Zone (Cronenberg, 1983)
Did you know Cronenberg is behind this one? I had no idea…turns out this movie is totally awesome. Christopher Walken stars as a man who develops a sixth sense after being in a coma for five years. He becomes a hermit as he weighs the pros and cons of his ability to change the future. I don’t see much Cronenberg here, but the film is competent and interesting as Stephen King horror stories usually are.
October 11th: Frankenhooker (Henenlotter, 1990)

After wishing my sister a happy birthday a few friends and I sat down for a lovely evening with Frankenhooker. It’s pretty much exactly like it sounds.

October 12th: The Lost Boys (Schumacher, 1987)

Good hair. Good fashion. Great soundtrack. 

October 13th: Silent Night, Deadly Night (Sellier, 1984)
This would make a great double feature if it were paired with either My Bloody Valentine for a holiday scare or Bad Santa for evidence that Christmas is not that great. Here’s the pitch: Little Billy sees the murder and rape of his parents by Santa Claus one Christmas eve…you take it from there.

This Month of Terror is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


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9 responses to “Month of Terror Part 2

  1. brian

    james woods was in videodrome, right? or was it the guy from jaws that looks exactly like james woods?

    and bill s preston esq is in the lost boys, right?

  2. You play Animal Crossing?! I love Animal Crossing! And I love it much more than I love J-Horror (even Pulse, which I actually liked).

    Shit. I just realized how silly my life is.

  3. Brian: yes and yes. And he looks awesome in lost boys!

    Keith: What is your town’s name? Mine is Eunork. I just planted a money tree and I feel really good about that.

  4. brian

    i forgot the name of town i was in, but i do remember making some really great shirts. my favorite was a turtle shirt.

  5. Why don’t you play anymore? I’m guessing someone could probably get sick of this game really quickly, but after a couple weeks I’m still a little obsessed…meaning I think about it at work and wish I was playing it instead of making coffee.

  6. brian

    i stopped playing because my nephew accidentally saved over our town and i didnt have the heart to start over. i mean, nook has you do so much bullshit before you can even start playing for real.

  7. brian

    but i was addicted. i stayed up two straight nights trying to find these ghosts. i needed to find five. i would find four and then spend hours walking over every inch of the town looking for the last ghost. but i never found it. and you can only look for them at night. i think the bonus you get when you find all five is that they weed the entire town for you.

  8. You and I should talk more about animal crossing, because I can’t get those bastards to understand my letters. Plus, there are only, like, four bugs around town and I’m pretty sure there should be more somewhere…I don’t know. All I know is this is the best game ever.

  9. brian

    well, the bugs are seasonal. so you can only see certain bugs at certain times of the year (and certain times of the day too). the letters are a lost cause. those animals can’t read anything. they recognize like 50 words and only if you capitalize and punctuate correctly. what’s funny to do is write letters to people in the town about other people in the town. or that’s what i did. i would write letters telling animals that they should hate aaron on the off chance that aaron would be talking to them and they’d show him one of the mean letters i wrote.

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