Month of Terror

Keith’s Month of Terror has officially started. You can read Keith’s post, but the deal is basically that I have to watch one horror movie a day, no exceptions. I bent the rules a little by allowing TV into the mix if I watch at least 90 minutes worth (solely so I can get my X-files fix), but other than that minor substitution, Scott and I have been doing pretty good so far.

October First: The Virgin Spring (Bergman, 1960)

So I didn’t know this, but Craven’s Last House on the Left follows this Bergman film almost exactly. However, with the addition of an extra 20 minutes of rape-torture and a lot more blood the Craven version becomes an appalling example of exploitation while the Bergman version remains in the art film category, sitting pretty among critics and Woody Allens alike.

While Bergman’s appeals to a silent God are interesting and poignant as always, The Virgin Spring is problematic in the same way Craven’s film is. Minus the gore and nudity, there is still a incredibly naive young woman being raped and killed on camera without having any voice of her own. Granted, this one is set in the middle ages, so it seems a bit more expected, but the idea of a helpless female victim who is never allowed to get her own revenge is disappointing. I think that’s why I Spit on Your Grave offended me less than Last House on the Left. Having the virgin’s parents step in for her to avenge her viriginity is just not as forgiveable.

That said, I liked the movie. I thought it was sort of tasteful and fascinating. 1960 seems too early for this kind of exploration and I appreciate Bergman for making it.

October Second: X-files Season 8

This is when I stopped watching in high school. Aliens kidnap Mulder for more than half a season, Scully is left with Agent Doggett (otherwise known as the bad guy from Terminator 2) and some over-acting ridiculous Carl Winslow-looking dude replaces A.D. Skinner. The cancer man is dead, Krycek only occassionally enters the picture…what’s left?

Oh yeah, Scully and Mulder’s apparent love child. Whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Which I haven’t, because I stopped watching.

So these two episodes were disappointing. Gibson Price – the chess champ and human/alien hybrid – comes back as a really ugly pre-teen and Scully is sad Mulder is gone. Borrrrring.

October Third: Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Russell, 1987)

Besides Patricia Arquette’s weak scream, I really liked this one. The graphics were great for a horror film with this kind of budget. The deaths were creative, and that dude from Four Friends didn’t do that bad a job. I can’t wait to watch the fourth one, despite Brian’s claim of boredom.



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3 responses to “Month of Terror

  1. brian

    that looks like it could be n anti-abortion film too

  2. What?! Number 4 is one of my faves! And not just because of that one Dramarama song (though it is pretty awesome).

    Oh, and you can count TV all you want, as long as it’s terrifying. And I can’t think of many things out there that are as terrifying as the eighth season of the X-Files…

  3. What a life you have!! I’ve been in the mood for a good horror flick. Like a GOOD one. Like, 28 days later good. Does anything else as good even exist?

    Don’t make fun of me when I see you in January. PS you never answered if you will indeed be in UT on the 4th to see us? Our flight leaves like noon on the 5th so that’s out.

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