we went on our trip early and we went by boat

nightmare on elm street 4 is the most anti-abortion (or, if you prefer, pro-life) movie i have ever seen.

this is the movie, as far as i can remember: so this high school girl gets pregnant and then freddy starts appearing in her dreams and starts killing all her friends and then freddy starts appearing in the dreams of her unborn child’s and kills more of her friends until she and her unborn child kill freddy or kick him out of their dreams or something with the help of this nun and her unborn child who were previous victims of freddy’s except while the main girl and her fetus walk away safely, the nun and her fetus burn up in this room of fire.

so i think the message in the movie is something like, if you get pregnant in high school, there’s going to be a lot of peer-pressure on you to get an abortion, but you just got persevere and have the baby or else you’ll be haunted the rest of your life and probably end up in hell given that that nun probably did have an abortion which is why she was still stuck in dreamworld and why she ended up burning at the end, not to mention that there were a ton of crosses in the movie and i think the climax took place in a church.

but this movie doesn’t suggest that keeping the baby will be easy.  just the opposite.  the first person i saw freddy kill was her boyfriend, meaning if you want to keep the baby, you’re going to lose your boyfriend.  then freddy kills all of her friends but one, obviously because they weren’t going to be supportive of her decision to keep the baby.  and dont think she doesnt doubt the decision to keep the baby — if it wasn’t for the help of her one true friend, who also happens to be a nurse, little joseph would have never been born.

i forgot to mention that unborn baby is in the movie and played by this kid who later grew up to be in a theatrical version of cant take it with you (i think) i saw in college.  while i didnt like the play, he was great as joseph, the unborn child who shows up in dreamworld (or whatever freddy’s reality is callled).  since the unborn child is featured prominently in the movie (as a six year old kid), the movie clearly sees life beginning at conception.

or it might be about fetal alcholol syndrome.  either way it was boring.



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5 responses to “we went on our trip early and we went by boat

  1. natali

    im glad i didnt see this one. i bet they kept showing the fetus.

  2. natali

    and those creep me out.

  3. they dont show any fetus in the movie specifically because the unborn child isn’t thought of as a fetus but as a human being.

  4. Scott and I went to Body Worlds and saw how tiny a fetus is at 9 weeks. Anybody that thinks those things are humans is on crack. After seeing that I’m totally ready to have abortions whenever I feel like it.

  5. Not sure that I ever saw this or wanted to see it.

    Dream Warriors was not bad. But that was it.

    I at least appreciated the second one because it attempted to be scary. Then Freddy became a joke.

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