When the biggest X-files fan is bored with the biggest X-files star’s sex addiction, I think there might be something wrong with her.


Porn career throwback?

Porn career throwback?

In 1997 when these rumors were running rampant I was on every fansite I could find, seeking out information (and pictures) and then immediately taking that info to the X-Files AOL chat room…maybe incorporating it into a little RPG. (Just kidding. They never let me RPG in that room. I always had to be the agent who got killed in the first act.)

Now it’s just, like, old news. Of course the dude’s a sex addict! Have you ever looked at his face? That sly grin. He can’t hide those sneaky eyes, undressing everyone around him.


in the 90s, boys in diapers were considered hott.

History Lesson: in the 1990s, men in diapers were considered very attractive.


Maybe it surprises people because Mulder was so obviously asexual. After 9 years he still can’t get with Skully, the woman he obviously loves? (maybe he did…was that baby his? was that ever established? I don’t know…I stopped watching when they brought in that Agent Doggett from Terminator 2.) Plus he never has any other real relationships in that show, except that vampire lady, I guess, but that episode really sucked. (badge number: JTT047101111 + badge number: JTTO331613. You I wish.)


X-Phile's wet dream.

X-Phile's wet dream.


So what I’m saying is…if he were still (allegedly) with Winona Ryder no one would be surprised. It would be way too hawt.

Lucky bastard.

Lucky bastard.


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  1. Fox

    Isn’t there a scene in Full Frontal of David Duchovney getting a massage and happy ending??? Seems kind of apropos now, huh? 🙂

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