Hey, Want Some Gum???

Here is some self-promotion/promotion of sites I like:

I did a podcast with Rob over at Natsukashi about Ernest Scared Stupid. Even if you don’t want to listen to my booger voice (coming from my boogerlips?) you should check out his blog. He interviews guest bloggers about their childhood experiences with movies and then talks about what happens when they revisit the movies. I like nostalgia and I like watching really awful movies, so I declare this blog to be great! They were also just picked up by Spout, so you can find Natsukashi over there, too.

I’ve also been writing a little for Film Experience. While Nathaniel is working on making some of that phat money, he’s been having some guest bloggers filling in for him at the site. Film Experience is great. Full of reviews, lists, movie trivia, poll questions…I really like it. Plus, they post multiple times a day, so there’s always something new to read. This was my favorite contribution that I offered, if only because I think kids are terrifying.


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