Riding Muni through the Castro, Mission, and Haight today I saw a five-year-old with grills; an old man wearing lime green pants, lime green sun glasses, a shiny silver shirt, and a lime green bandana around his neck; a bum singing the national anthem; and about a million tourists. There’s so much to see here, but do you really want to see all of it? (I submit that you do want to see the well-dressed elderly gentleman and the bum).

At any rate, it was a perfect time to travel through the city, as I just watched Idiocracy last night. A movie by Mike Judge that really went under the radar due to poor marketing (a really stupid dvd cover) and a small release. The film features Luke Wilson at his handsomist frozen by the military and unfrozen 500 years later. Here he finds that stupid people have been breeding while intelligent people die out and he’s the smartest person in the world. He then must convince the people that you have to water crops with water instead of gatorade to get them to grow and thus becomes president of the United States.

Though not a cinematic masterpiece, Idiocracy does ring true on many levels. The Washington D.C. of 2505 looks a lot like Haight Street except even dirtier and minus the hipsters. Everyone talks like the dude next to me on the bus who was having a very loud and involved conversation about the differences between being with someone and being with someone, or, in other words, hugging someone, or hugging up with someone. And a place called Buttfuckers (the evolution of Fuddruckers…can’t wait for the google searches for this one!) has more patrons than The Pork Store (I actually really like the Pork Store, it’s just an awful, gimmicky name).


Maybe this is better than having Jackson on our 20s?

Maybe this is better than having Jackson on our 20s?

The satire is thick and the jokes are aplenty, but Idiocracy starts to go downhill fast when it tries to go plot-heavy, putting Luke Wilson (accidentally named Not Sure to the people of 2505) in pretty boring, Running Man-like situations he has to get out of, and forcing a love story. So while the set-up is hilarious, and the movie is definitely worth checking out, it unfortunately becomes pretty forgettable by the end.


Who wouldn't want former wrestler and porn star Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho for their president?

Who wouldn't want former wrestler and porn star Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho as their president?


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6 responses to “Friscocracy

  1. Oooh, remember that cure waitress at The Pork Store? Dreamy.

    Anywho, Idocracy does start our really strong but then fades out til it reaches the end credits.

    “Carl’s Jr….Fuck You.”

  2. While I agree that the story might not be where it’s at, and that the action/love story angle was somewhat misguided, at least the end brought us the visit to the Time Masheen, complete with dinosaurs and Charlie Chaplin. Brilliant.

  3. Oh, you’re completely right. That last twist was hilarious.

  4. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about the Time Masheen. That was hilarious. It reminded me of the history of the moon ride in Futurama.
    Voiceover: Space travel started with one man’s dream.
    Gleason automaton: One of these days Alice, bang, zoom, to the Moon!
    Fry: That’s not an astronaut, that’s a TV comedian. And he just used space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

    And I pretty much agree with you on this movie. Very funny, very scary, not that great being a coherent movie. But that Luke Wilson sure is dreamy.

  5. brian

    i didnt really like this movie, mostly because of it’s take on evolution. but it was nice to see bob maplethorpe.

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