why would anybody watch a scum show like videodrome?

business reasons

there’s this song — the television tells us — by a little known elephant six band called the music tapes. it’s basically about how tvs are actually aliens who have come to earth to study us humans. so they observe us as we really are and then beam the images to the other tvs located all over the world. but then humans started watching the images on tv. so tv conquered earth accidentally when all they really wanted to do was observe because really tv just wants to be like us.

in videodrome, tv is more like a virus. actually exposure to certain television shows, like videodrome, create tumors — or possibly a newly evolving organ — which create such severe hallucinations that the viewer can no longer separate tv from their own hallucinations about tv from their own hallucinations not about tv from reality. also, videodrome can brainwash viewers into becoming assassins. prof brian o’blivion explains it all. tv is reality and reality is less than tv.

but prof brian o’blivion turns out to be already dead even though he continues to appear on talk shows. actually pre-reordered tapes,editted for content,of prof o’blivion talking about tv. thanks to videotapes, death doesn’t turn out to be the end. we live on in our videos.

but what i like most about videodrome was how it kept talking about itself. like when the tv show videodrome is first shown, it’s opening credits are identical to the opening credits for the movie. then everyone is always talking about how bad videodrome is, but they’re actually all talking about the movie.

i also saw herzog’s encounters at the end of the world which is about scientist in antartica. the best part is when herzog asks about gay penguins. and there’s this part where a bunch of scientist are watching them! which, since whitney and i have both written about it, is one of this sites favorite movies.



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6 responses to “why would anybody watch a scum show like videodrome?


    I love this movie.

  2. natali

    i didnt like it. but i liked it better than the notebook which i am watching right now. this movie is the absolute worst.

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