12 movies that defined 12 generations

note: i just updated this with links to blogs i previously wrote about a couple of the movies listed. except for the equinox link which is a link to a music video about the equinox.

this is my version of this. the following are teen movies or, at least, movie significantly dealing with teenagers and teen-related issues. except for the last two. i just want to see those on the big screen. these are, in my opinion, some of the best teens in the history of movies (or the history of movies i’ve seen).

cherry hill high

it’s about a contest between high schoolers to see who can lose their virginity in the most creative way, including in a shark tank

rebel without a cause



and teens are so funny because they’re always super-dramatic


sometimes teens are in french pop bands

equinox: a journey into the supernatural

and sometimes they discover the book of evil, but make sure you watch equinox: a journey into the supernatural and not equinox the movie the studio butchered


even though it features some awesome teens, divine steals the show (like always)

seduced and abandoned

hot rods to hell

bill and ted’s excellent adventure

this movie is great and not just in a funny, nostalgic kind of way, the way everyone talks about goonies

the blob

this movie has the best theme song ever

dark star

holy mountain

mostly i just want to see the rainbow room scene on the big screen
that and the part where the toads and lizards recreate the spanish conquest of mexico

i didnt even explain my picks, but i’ll defend any and all of them in the comments. and, i’m counting whitney’s tags as my own since it’s our blog and she tagged everyone i know anyway.



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6 responses to “12 movies that defined 12 generations

  1. I haven’t seen a lot of these. I’m excited to put them on my queue…but first I’m watching Project Runway Season 2.

    I just saw Brian dePalma’s The Fury. It’s about telekinetic teens. I really liked it.

    Sorry again about taking all the tags.

  2. Fox

    I like that you included Masculine/Feminine in this category. I never think of it as a teen/young adult movie (maybe b/c it’s French and the dress better 🙂 ) but it totally is. Love it.

  3. “I conquered the Holy Mountain… horizontally!”

  4. brian

    with masculine/feminine, i think they’re right on the teenage edge. i imagine them all being 19 years old.

  5. Wait a second. Is that Dark Star? As in John Carpenter’s/Dan O’Bannon’s Dark Star?


  6. brian

    that dark star. it changed my life

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