for movie night, dusty brought over le gai savoir

i dont know how to write about this movie

i think it's the french flag

i remember sontag writing something about photographs requiring captions

this is my favorite superhero movie

this was the best super-hero movie i’ve ever seen
way better than batman

in that sontag book, there was a part about godard talking about this vietnam era photo with jane fonda but i dont remember anything else
i hear the photo is famous

sounds and images, i think that’s what the movie is about

i think this film cost $1000 dollars to make
and i mean that as a compliment

it was confusing with everyone speaking out of order

i think it’s the french flag



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5 responses to “for movie night, dusty brought over le gai savoir

  1. I don’t understand. But I think I like it.

  2. natali

    that was dustys pick? where is walle when you need it.

  3. dust

    heh. don’t know if it’s good or bad that you think i only like pixar movies.

  4. brian

    i saw wallie last night and really liked it. except for the score.

  5. natali

    dont worry dusty im sure you like other things. i just want to see walle. i hear everyone has seen it but me.

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