are conventions doomed?

i stole this title from a recent blog-post wordpress told me about when i logged in. (do you think it’s interesting that wordpress’s own spellchecker doesn’t recognize wordpress as a word? or spellchecker, for that matter. maybe it’s supposed to be hyphenated. spell-checker.) i think this blog-post’s (the one you’re reading right now) sister blog-post (the one i stole the title from) was about the end of comic books conventions. i think i’m using conventions in a more general sense, but doomed in it’s comic book sense. speaking of stolen titles, check out this.

that's a lie

that's a lie

but not totally a lie. like it’s real in the way that north by northwest is a real movie, but definitely not real in the way the trailer is promoting it. for instance, 98% of the movie is shot in a studio including scenes supposedly taking place in the woods outside of mount rushmore. that means that nearly everything we see is fake. but really, when you think about it, that’s the case with every movie ever since they’re all technical reproductions. and one of the best things about hitchcock is the way he’s always pointing out the artifice in all his films.

it looks a lot like the house from body double

it's reminds me of the house in body double

let me mention a couple of my favorite jokes from north by northwest besides the part where cary grant gets punched in the face by the cop and the part where he’s looking at mount rushmore.

1. there’s this part were eva saint shoots grant in some lobby. she pulls out her gun, but before she shoots, this kid in the background plugs his ears. before she shoots. a mistake, right? a couple minutes later there’s a radio broadcast about the shooting which quotes a ten-year old boy saying that there was a lot of shouting before the gun was fired which would explain why he was plugging his ears before the gun went off. that’s a joke no one is going to notice. i only noticed the kid plugging his ears because my roommate noticed it and couldn’t help laughing. and if we wouldn’t have rewound it to make sure the kid actually plugs his ears before the shooting, we never would have made the connection to the kid quoted in the 15 second radio broadcast later in the show.

2. the ending. from hanging on the edge of mt rushmore to being pulled up into bed to a train going through a tunnel in under 5 seconds. the end.



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4 responses to “are conventions doomed?

  1. I think I saw that boy plugging his ears on one of those tv shows where they talk about mistakes in movies. I like that instead of reshooting or editing him out they would add something into the plot. Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake and it was always supposed to be an awesome joke.

  2. I think Whitney is right here. It was a goof from the kid. He knew the shot was coming and he plugged his ears.

    When I make hundreds of millions of dollars for whatever I’m going to do to make that kind of money, I’m going to build a house just like the one from North By Northwest. It has always been my favorite house and yes it looks very much like the one from Body Double and if you look out the window you’ll see a large Indian trying to put a drill in the stomach of some woman.

  3. brian

    this is how i imagine it going down:
    they’re cutting the footage and someone’s like, mr. hitchcock, that kid there plugs his ears before they fire the gun so do you’ll need to reshoot that and hitchock is like whatever and then added the part about the boy hearing shouting in the news report. but i wouldn’t put it past him that he planned the whole thing. he has a lot of weird jokes in his movies. and they just get weirder in the 60’s.

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