that kid has the same haircut as that horse

i’m trying to remember all the horse movies i’ve seen.  so there’s the black stallion, the man from snowy river, wild hearts can’t be broken and national velvet.  national velvet was a weird one.  but i wanted to talk about the other two horse movies i’ve seen.

on wednesday night, i watched white mane.  kind of boring.  it’s shot after shot of horses fighting, horse running around, horses swimming, cowboys trying to catch wild horses, more horses running around, this little girl feeding horses hay, an old guy with a beard, more horses running around and a dream sequence featuring horses.  not that the movie is bad, it’s just i would have preferred some editing.  like cut every shot in half and then you’d have a kick-ass horse movie.  even given how boring this movie was, it still probably sets the standard for horse movies.

but it reminded me of another horse movie i watched last fall called la bete.  i dont think the movie is all about horses.  i only watched the first half-hour which consisted mostly of horse sex.  graphic horse on horse sex.  i understand that horses have sex, i just didnt understand why i was watching them.  so i turned off the movie.



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4 responses to “that kid has the same haircut as that horse

  1. I always hate in war movies when horses get killed and have to fall on the ground, or fall over a waterfall, or trample over each other. It makes me really uncomfortable. Like in Ran, the Kurosawa film. I hate watching that movie.

  2. I meant Kagemusha. I haven’t seen Ran. I always get confused about those two.

  3. dust

    The horse fighting scene in white mane is pretty yuck, too. Because it’s long and the whole time I’m thinking about dog fighting and how PEOPLE put the horses together and let them fight to make a scene for a movie. That’s cruel. Horse racing is also cruel.

  4. brian

    i agree. horse racing is cruel. so was that movie. did you notice that both those horses were bleeding pretty badly in that movie?

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