technicolor is magic

the thief of bagdad

how does a movie have three directors? wait, reading online, i found that there may actually have been up to six directors with half of them being uncredited. i guess it was because of the war. and because it’s pre-new wave, so directors had no control or less control or whatever. just like that bad and the beautiful movie. but how does having six directors work? are certain directors responsible for certain parts of the movie? do they work as a committee?

one of the directors is micheal powell. that guy is something else. a technicolor dream come true. one of my favorite things from any movie ever is near the beginning of the red shoes where all the students are waiting in the balcony for the performance to start, eating their sandwiches, arguing with the ballet students about what’s more important, the score or the dance, and 45 minutes later scrolls across the edge of the balcony. and dont forget about the actual ballet of the red shoes in the red shoes. it’s like twenty minutes long and has it’s own credits in the movie. it’s incredible. maybe i should have written about the red shoes. some other time, i guess.

but what parts were directed by micheal powell and what parts by ludwig berger, tim whelan, alexzander korda, zoltan korda (that’s a real name) or william menzies? maybe i wasn’t paying close enough attention to the notice any stylistic differences from shot to shot, but i cant even see how this movie had so many different directors. but i guess it doesn’t matter. all movies are a mess of competing personalities — directors, producers, cinematographers, actors, set designers, costume designers, people funding the movie and on and on. except for maybe like hitchcock and shit. ( i hear, or read, that all hitchcock movies have been psychoanalyzed to death, but are there any psychoanalytical studies on his name?)

i forgot that i was talking about the thief of bagdad.

if you’ve ever seen aladdin, then you’ve seen a remake of this movie that takes out everything cool looking, interesting and funny and replaces it with stupid songs, lazy cultural references and unfunny robin williams improv.

i just found who directed what:

“In the end, no fewer than six directors were involved in the picture. Powell handled many of the most spectacular sequences, including the celebrated scene in which the genie is released from the bottle. American Tim Whelan shot the battle scenes, and Berger was left with a few love scenes, most or all of which were later re-shot by Korda himself. When the production moved to America after the start of the war, Zoltan Korda and William Cameron Menzies shot additional footage there.”

man, i didn’t know that genie scene was celebrated.  i wonder who directed the part where abu smashes the all seeing eye and then has this really weird drug trip where the world stats spinning around and he ends up talking to the king of the golden age.  that part was pretty spectacular.

do you want to know what else was spectacular?  the sets and costumes.



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5 responses to “technicolor is magic

  1. brian

    some facts i didn’t mention:
    1. i didnt like the main girl. i mean, i didn’t hate her, but she was pretty much a bore. the only part i really liked with her was when she got amnesia. so i won that bet.
    2. abu is the star of the movie.
    3. abu spends half the movie as a dog.
    3.1 ahmed spends half the movie blind and the entire movie with a great mustache.
    4. two people get shot in the forehead with magic arrows.
    5. abu and ahmed almost join sinbad on one of his adventures

  2. That joke about Hitchcock was hilarious.

    When people get hit in the forehead with magic arrows do they die? What’s magic about them? Do they fall in love?

  3. brian

    they do die. the magic is that every arrow shot ends up in someone’s forehead.

  4. That doesn’t seem very fair.

  5. brian

    but it’s only magic arrows shot from abu’s magic bow. he got it from the rulers of the golden age. and he can only shoot it at injustice.

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