Giving In

Brian, Scott, and I have decided that morals are for suckers. We’re giving into bad taste/immorality/boredom and are going to suffer through some movies that we have previously claimed we never want to see. While we might have been placing ourselves on the moral high ground at some point or other, we have finally decided that all movies might be worth seeing … especially for sensationalist blog posts about sodomy, incest, and AIDS.

So here is my list of the five movies I never want to see, but am going to anyway:

1. I Spit on Your Grave (Meir Zarchi, 1978 ) – Also known as “Day of the Woman” this is one of those films that claims to be an exercise in feminism but is actually just an excuse to show some violent sex and some violent retributions. I’m all about graphic violence in film, but pair that violence with a mentally retarded guy participating in rape, and I think maybe you’ve crossed the line. The entire film seems absolutely repulsive to me. And check out this poster:

i spit on your grave

This film always seemed like poorly disguised torture-porn. HOWEVER, Carol Clover has some extremely interesting arguments about this film in her book Men, Women, and Chain Saws. Basically she claimed that this film isn’t nearly as offensive as male dominated action cinema that fails to reminisce about the extreme violence and high body count. She said she was more disturbed watching a Rambo sequel than I Spit on Your Grave (although she also makes no excuses for the marketing of the film). So I’m actually looking forward to seeing this Film I Said I’d Never Watch, if only for the detached scholarly approach I might be able to maintain.

2. Russian Ark (Aleksandr Sokurov, 2002) – This one is apparently worth seeing. Blah blah blah All in one take Blah blah blah. Looks as boring as a trip to Cove Fort. I don’t know what I have against Russians and their art, but I have always been reluctant to devote my time to it. OK, I liked Crime and Punishment, but The Idiot is, like, twice as long! Plus, I know nothing about that stupid country and I have heard that the film is hard to decipher without a knowledge of Russian politics. I can only hope that Meg Ryan shows up at some point, I guess.


Basically, I’ve just seen this movie as a bit of a sensationalist scam. It’s neat that they pulled the one-take trick, but is there anything redeeming or interesting besides that one take? We’ll see.

3. Kids (Larry Clark, 1995) – Everyone has told me not to see this film. I’m expecting it to be repulsive, but worse than I Spit on Your Grave? I think Kids‘ hardcore realism comes at me from a bit of a disadvantage because I’ve always been very skeptical of dogme95. It’s like the one-take-trick of Russian Ark. Is there anything interesting in your film besides the fact that you use natural lighting and only found props? I’ve seen The Bicycle Thief and I doubt your more contrived attempt at disturbing realism will measure up. If this film is anything like Harmony Korine’s other work, I’ll be more annoyed than disturbed.

4. Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975) – I’ve neglected Pasolini for so long because, basically, I’m afraid.


Judging by reactions to this film that I have read and heard, he’s a scary kind of guy in regards to the imagery he is willing to delve into. I’m looking forward to this film the most out of all the films listed (which is, naturally, not very much).

5. Gone with the Wind (Victor Fleming, 1939) – 238 minutes??? WTF.

Image Hosting

So now I go about watching this babies. Now that I have them all listed I don’t know how good of an idea this was…



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11 responses to “Giving In

  1. I’ve seen Kids but it’s been a LONG time. I’ve also seen Gone with the Wind and I really, really liked it. Somehow, the movie flew by and I didn’t want to die at the end. We’ll see how the second viewing holds up. Also, damn you for putting Salo on here.

  2. Stephanie

    Russian Ark is actually neat. But you have to watch the “making of” special features…

  3. brian

    are we suppose to see each others picks as well? and, i haven’t even made my list. i think i’ve forgotten about every movie i wanted to see or didnt want to see. like if you asked me what movie i would like to watch tonight, i’d be like ummm, i don’t know, i guess a billy wilder movie i haven’t seen yet. but the thing is, i dont even know the names of the wilder movies i haven’t seen. i saw, i think it was called, 1, 2, 3 on pbs last weekend by accident. i didn’t even know that movie existed.

  4. brian

    and, i think you have to remember how big and cold russia is. the geography of russia seems to dominate their art. like they write all those long novels. and then their movies are even longer. and everything has this slow pace, even the good stuff. (except for maybe gorky, that guy got to the point.)

  5. zeynep

    isn’t cabiria Fellini’s? anyway, that thing about Russia is interesting because cold is supposed to make things faster (to keep warm). their folk dances, for instance. but definitely fits with their literature and film..

  6. oops! You’re right. I always get all those italians mixed up.

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  8. I have to say I spit on your grave is the worst film I’ve ever seen. I read your review, but I think its unredeemable. It’s essentially a porno film for 4/5 of the film, and I mean both in terms of content but even more so in production value (its script and acting is about the equivalent of 70’s porno), that tries to make an excuse to be a valid film it has the objectified and humiliated woman get equally sensational revenge. Plus, its portrayal of the mentally handicapped is awful even by exploitation film standards. BUT your question about is it any more exploitative than mainstream films, is a good and troubling one.

    As to Straw Dogs I was really surprised in conversation to find out that Dean thinks its brilliant, not that he’s always right, I just found it curious I thinks its Peckinpah’s most well-made film, but like you was deeply troubled by the implications about sex made at the end of the film.

    You’ll have to let me know about Salo. I’ve seen most everything else by Pasolini. and respect and appreciate his work greatly, but I think that’s the one film I’ll never see. Though I was kinda excited to find and hold a used copy at FYE in Orem of all-places, that they’re selling for about 400 dollars…its sort of the Honus Wagner card of DVD collecting.. Though one of the gore-hounds I talk to about films actually bought a copy, watched it, and found it so upsetting that he immediately destroyed it. And he’s seen everything. So let me know, and good luck with that.

    BTW I also haven’t seen Russian Ark for similar reasons.

  9. PS
    I think Last House on the Left is an incredible film and one I always run to defend…

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  11. dear jesus eat my ass

    stop whining ya useless bible thumping cunts.

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