there was a jeopardy question about jason and the argonats last night

last night i had a dream. here’s what i remember:
i was standing next to an elementary school waiting for a bus. some kids were conducting some kind of science experiment. they were releasing weather balloons. the weather balloons had animals attached. dogs and cats. i’m not sure what that means.
why would i dream about weather balloons? jeoprady

son of godzilla

son of godzilla

the scientist are testing this atomic weather balloon on godzilla’s island. they’re hoping to create a weather weapon that turns tropical islands into frozen tundras.

son of godzilla is a fascinating movie. it leaves a lot of unanswered questions :

is godzilla a male or female?

i’m guessing both or neither. my theory is that godzilla reproduces asexually.

is son of godzilla even godzilla’s child or does godzilla just sort of adopt him?

raising a child isn’t easy. they demand so much time and attention. they cant do anything on their own. and they dont give you anything in return, other than a continuation of part of your dna. in other words, if the child you’re raising isn’t related to you, you probably hate it. and godzilla appears to hate minizilla. but he learns to love him by the end of the movie. as bud g chord said, “it’s the most powerful scene in a movie ever.”

does son of godzilla have any kind of developmental disability?

minizilla is pretty much unable to do anything. he wouldn’t even eat if it wasn’t for this one girl always feeding him coconuts. the rays that he spits barely have an effect on the giant bugs. he’s crying all the time. he can barely walk. but maybe it takes a log time for godzillas to reach maturity.

is the interaction between godzilla and the giant spider a metaphor for anything?

there’s this part at the end of the movie where godzilla becomes entranced by this weird opening in the spider. then the spider pokes godzilla in the eye. i’m pretty sure it’s sexual.



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5 responses to “there was a jeopardy question about jason and the argonats last night

  1. Seems to we that minizilla is DEFINITELY disabled. Look at that face!

  2. Oh. I meant that one in like an awful way. Like, someone would say it and then go “AHHH HA HA HA HA!” right?

  3. brian

    there is something going on with minizilla. maybe it’s because he’s only two weeks old, but he sure doesn’t look like he’s going to grow up into anything resembling godzilla. i think the movie may be about the difficulty of raising kids with disabilities. godzilla gets so frustrated because minizilla cant even do simple things like roar or fight giant spiders. it takes time, but godzilla realizes that minizilla isn’t like most baby godzillas. the simplest tasks are so difficult for him. but with some patience and understanding, godzilla and minizilla both teach each other some important lessons.

    or the movie is about how parent’s psychological problems negatively impact their relationship with their children. because godzilla suffers from serious depression in this movie. he spends half the movie sleeping.

  4. While the minizilla’s relation to Gojira is certainly in question, there is no doubt that the big lizard WAS an uncle. I sadly remember Godzuki, that little bumbling nephew of his in the animated Hanna-Barbara cartoon The Godzilla and Godzuki Adventure Hour that played in thea early 80s (

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